Last Chance To Save 62% (Midnight Deadline)

Hey – real quick – I know it’s Friday and you’re probably
getting ready to Par-tay! – boogie on down and what-not.

My very good buddy, Chris Lopez, SFG2, has graciously
extended a whopping 62% discount on his strength-based
single KB fat loss program, “Kettlebell Evolution” to my

But that discount ends at Midnight EST tonight if you
were thinking about grabbing yourself a copy.

Here’s a quick rundown of why I think it’s a good idea
for you to do get it:

1. It covers your for the Holiday season – it’s 8 weeks

While everyone else is looking for excuses not to
workout (“Uh… I have another party to go to tonight…”)
you’ll be covered.

2. It’s only 3 x 30 minute sessions a week.

Speaking of time, this fits into the busiest of schedules.

(“Uh… I don’t have time to go the gym and workout – I
have another party to go to tonight…”)

3. There’s some darn fine video single KB exercise
instruction in here.

It’s like the single KB version of “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

Enough said.

4. If you do get “stuck” at a party, Chris has generously
included “10-Minute KB Workout Plug-In.”

One KB. 10 minutes. Elevated metabolic rate. Excuse to
eat extra food.

Nuff. Said.

5. Direct Ab Work.

Yes, you actually do and should work your abs directly.

It will help you KB work. Quite significantly.

Plus, while everyone is is putting on that spare tire
this Christmas, there Santa, you’ll be working on
taking yours off.

And there are about 5 more great reasons I can think
of why you should get your copy of “Kettlebell Evolution.”

But time is short, and as you know, it’s Miller Time.

So here’s a quick recap of what you get when you order
“Kettlebell Evolution” today:

1. The Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss Manual

– Here’s a real strength training program, that
focuses on technique – each exercise, set, and rep
specified – which coincidentally strips off body fat.

2. The Kettlebell Evolution Follow Along Sessions Videos

– Chris takes you through each KB training in real
time so you can see what kind of pace you should
have and how the program should flow.

3. The Kettlebell Evolution Video Exercise Library

– Detailed descriptions of each of the single KB
exercises so you can maximize your technique –
making you stronger and incidentally helping you
burn off fat

4. The Macro-Rhythm Eating Manual

– This is a guide to eating that fits in to the
busiest of lifestyles and when followed, will help
you actually LOSE body fat over the Holiday Season
instead of gaining like most people will.

5. The “Kettlebell Evolution” Training & Transformation

– Often overlooked, a training journal is the best
way to measure progress. If it’s not measured, it’s
not managed.

6. The “Kettlebell Evolution” Quick Start MP3 Audio

– Download the Quick Start MP3 to your iPhone and
get all your immediate questions answered.


Chris has thrown in FOUR bonuses:

Bonus 1: The Hardstyle Kettlebell Essentials Manual

Perfect your KB form using SFG Hardstyle techniques
in each of the 6 main KB exercises: Swing, TGU,
Goblet Squat, Clean, Press, and Snatch.

Bonus 2: The Hardstyle Kettlebell Essentials Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many
words is a video worth? This is perfect for visual
and auditory learners.

Bonus 3: Accelerated 10-Minute Training Plug-In

Sometimes you’re strapped for time and can’t get
your workouts done. That’s where these “Plug-In’s”
come in handy.

Bonus 4: The Essential Ab Guide

Learn the 3 types of direct, specific abdominal
training to do with your KB workouts in here.

Gotta run – Pizza time!


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