Hey – just wanted to give you a heads
up – your last chance to get finally
lose weight for only ONE BUCK is almost

It’s not that it’s going away, it’s
just that I’m most likely not going
to promote it to my kettlebell friends

So, if you’ve been struggling and
have given up or are still struggling
to get that darn weight off –
now’s your chance.

For only $1.00.

Pretty sweet, huh?


You may be wondering why I’m basically
giving this away when all my other stuff
is, well, not cheap.

It’s called “no reason not to succeed.”

See, I don’t want anybody who really
wants to lose that fat to not have access
to this program because the feel like they
can’t afford it.

Everybody can afford $1.00.

Plus, making it so affordable is kind of
like a calling – I’ll have to explain some
other time.

Anyway, if you haven’t already – just take
the thing -
No gimmicks, tricks, filler or fluff. Just
106 usable pages to help you get where you
want to go -
I’ll see you there. :-)
Talk soon.
P.S. Really, my pants are falling off me
today and I’m truly having a hard time staying
at 200lbs using this system. I saw 195 today and
it just plain scared me!

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