Last Day To Get My New Book Absolutely FREEEE

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving (If you celebrated it).

We did. Lots of time with my son, which just makes my

(And almost a whole pie by myself. Whipped cream makes
everything SO much better!)

Apologies: I sent you an email yesterday with a Thanksgiving
Day Workout in there. At least I thought it was yesterday.
Turns out that due to a technological screw up, you got it

Sorry about that. The cool thing is, that if you didn’t work
out yesterday and overindulged, the workout inside will
definitely take care of it. :-)

Just a quick heads up – if you’re interested in working out
less and getting faster results, then today is the last day you
can get my new book, “Strength Shortcuts.”

Think of it as the final book in the “Restoration Trilogy.”

If you’ve been on this newsletter any length of time, then
you’ll know that maybe like you, I’ve had a lot of ups and
downs. (Honestly, it felt like more downs there for a while.)

And you can learn from my mistakes.

I basically spent my 30s trying different methods for fixing
broken parts of my body, and in the process, gained unwanted
body fat, none of which fully delivered.

Then after some critical self-examination about 3 years ago,
I turned my world upside-down and started making radical
changes in everything I did – Restoring my life back to the
way I wanted it to be.

First, I changed everything about the way I ate and got to
my lowest body weight in 20 years. I detailed that for you
in The Permanent Weight Loss Solution and Six Pack Abs

Then, I detailed a radically simple approach for rehabbing
injuries – that helped me overcome two hips, a knee, and
a lower back –  a virtually foolproof method that hasn’t failed
to work for anyone I know so far – Original Strength.

The hallmark of both of those programs is threefold: Their
time-efficiency, their simplicity, and their enjoyability.
They are virtually setting people free from the marketplace

Now, finally, Strength Shortcuts is the basic methodology
for “traditional” strength training I’ve used over the last 2.5
years or so in conjunction with the PWS and Original

Combined with OS, it’s what’s allowed me, knocking on
the door of age 41, to hit numbers in my strength exercises

that I haven’t touched in almost 15 years.

It’s one of the most time-efficient methods I’ve ever used
to get effortlessly stronger AND yes – it’s very possible to
use this information for fat loss

In fact, I’ve used this exact methodology in a recent Rapid
Fat Loss Beta Test and the average loss so far has been
between17-23 pounds in 28 days. Not too shabby…

It’s really going to help you out, especially if you struggle
with getting your workouts done. You’ll be amazed at
how simple this is.

Today is your last day to grab your FREEE copy.

Here’s how you get it:

Hopefully, you’ve been reading my newsletters for the past
week or so. In it, I’ve been detailing what I think is the most
“mentally stable” approach to your workouts this time of year –

Combatting the stress of and busyness by treating the period
from the week before Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day as a
Post Season – like athletes do after a tough competitive

… A sort of “Maintenance Mode.”

Workouts should be short, not require much thought, yet
should be designed to keep you from being like the average
American and gaining 8 pounds over this time of year.

My very good friend, Chris Lopez, SFG 2, is running a sale
on his new program, called “Kettlebell Finishers.”

These are very short workouts – most lasting between 7
and 10 minutes that will fit the Post Season Prescription

When you grab your copy today at 25% off, I’ll send you
a copy of my new book, “Strength Shortcuts.”

If you’re struggling or feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff
you have to get done this time of year, the “Kettlebell Finishers”
and “Strength Shortcuts” combo is for you!

They will help you get your workouts done in as little as 5
minutes a day
, helping you relieve stress and get your
workouts in so you don’t feel guilty for skipping them
cause they’re too long.

(That’s the best part to me.)

Not only that, but if you’re traveling this Holiday Season,
and can’t take your KBs with you, then Chris has added
some great Bodyweight Finishers to his program from
our friend Mikey “Pancakes” Whitfield.

(Mike’s lost 105 pounds and kept it off – he says Bodyweight
Finishers were the major factor in him achieving this.)

You can do these anytime, anywhere – even in a hotel
room, or your bedroom, if you’re staying at a relative’s

Again – The Goal:

Short, time-efficient, almost mindless, stress-relieving,
guilt-free workouts from now until New Year’s to keep
you from being “average” – and to keep you in the game.

(The average American, if he’s working out at all, will use
this time of year to stop and will gain 8 pounds of fat, that
she’ll then complain about not knowing where it came from
in the New Year.)

After you grab your copy of “Kettlebell Finishers” and
get your “Bodyweight Finishers” bonus, send me an email
with the subject line – “Geoff – here’s my receipt for
‘Strength Shortcuts’!”

And I’ll send you a copy of the book most likely tomorrow –
my editor says it should be done by then.

So grab your copy of “Kettlebell Finishers” now, and get
started on you Post Season today.

Talk soon.


P.S. You better bet your butt that I’m using these Strength
strategies this time of year – yesterday, while we
were waiting to flip the turkey (special basting method
apparently) I got a quick squat workout in.

And with my little girl, my in-laws, and my parents all coming
in December, I’d be a fool not to use these ultra-abbreviated

Everything is in maintenance mode right now, which is weird,
because I’m still setting PRs…

Maybe you will too.

Maybe between “Strength Shortcuts” and “Kettlebell Finishers”
and the Post Season Workout Strategy, you may set some
“accidental PRs” and finish the year on a high note

That’d be nice wouldn’t it?

P.P.S. Remember, send me your receipt from “Kettlebell
with the subject line: “Geoff – here’s my receipt
for ‘Strength Shortcuts’!” and I’ll send you a copy of my new
book tomorrow.

It’s the perfect read for a car ride or plane flight home.

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