Lean & Strong V. HEALTHY, Lean & Strong

I got a message last while I was working out from a long time customer. We’ve kept in touch through a social medium I shall not name.

But before I tell you about the message –

You ever really wonder about all those numbers?

And whether or not they mean anything?

WHAT numbers? You might be wondering…?

You know, the HDL, LDL, VLDL, C-reactive protein, etc –

All those?

I was about 12 or 13 when my dad went on his first medication.

He was only about 40 – younger than I am now.

I think it was for high cholesterol. Maybe high blood pressure.

I don’t remember.

One followed the other in quick succession.

At that moment, I swore – no I VOWED to myself that would never be me.

So unwittingly, I was concerned about my health from a very early age. I just channeled it into strength training.

And honestly, I didn’t give a rat’s rear-end about those numbers in my 20’s or 30’s. But when you go to update your life insurance premiums in your early 40’s and the insurance company wants a full blood panel work up…

… Well then it matters a lot more.

It also matters a lot more when you have little ones like I do. My son is now 4.5 and my daughter will be 2 in December.

I won’t be sending her to college until I’m 58 or so.

I have to stay healthy – and in great shape.

Of course, there’s more to health than blood work.

That just tells you what’s going on “under the hood” so to speak.

Let’s not forget about joint health – something that starts deteriorating rapidly after 40.

There’s the chronically sore lower back, the achey knees, and the stiff shoulders, and tennis elbow.

(And you don’t even play tennis – how’s that happen?)

These are all health issues.

Issues that our parents or grandparents used to take meds for (or still do).

In most cases though, meds don’t really do anything.

They just “regulate” the issues – treat the symptoms.

They don’t restore function.

And to be “healthy” we have to be fully functional, or as close to it as possible.

For example, rather than struggling with that stiff shoulder while pressing, why not do something about it before something really goes wrong and you can’t use it?

Recovering from rotator cuff surgery takes close to the better part of a year.

Now that I’m older (funny story about that later this week), I tend to pay more attention to these sorts of things than I did when I was younger.

That’s why I appreciated Bob’s message yesterday. He was asking about the difference between two of my programs.

I described them a little more to him and said ultimately it was up to what he wanted to do.

That’s when he laid this on me –

“What I want to be is healthy, lean, and strong.”


That pretty much covers it for most of us, right?

I don’t think you’re going to say, “I want to be lean and strong and to hell with my health!”


And that’s what was foremost on my mind when I created “Kettlebell 365.”

See, health is a process.

And once it’s started to go, it’s pretty easy to get it until it’s not.

There’s a tipping point.

Where is that tipping point?

I don’t know.

And you know what? I’m betting you’re like me –

You don’t want to find out.

If you’re having “issues” with your health – primarily musculoskeletal ones – little aches in your joints and tight sore spots in your muscles –

Take care of them now – not later when you’re facing 6 weeks or worse – a year off – from something that could’ve been preventable.

Find out more here.

Talk soon.


P.S. It’s A LOT easier to get lean and strong when you’re healthy.

Here’s one of the reasons.

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