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Yesterday I told you that I eat ice cream every night.

Well, I must confess, at the risk of sounding obnoxious,
it’s not JUST ice cream. I doctor it up a little bit – make it
more “calorific.”

And no, I’m not talking about just a spoonful either.

It’s usually between a half and a whole pint.

And if you’ll keep reading, I’ll show you how you can
“get away” with doing this too assuming two things:

1. The rest of your eating habits are on point


2. You’re lifting heavy double KBs

Over this past week we’ve been examining the results of
arguably the most influential study ever on fat loss by
Y. Izumiya et al from Boston University.

Before we get to the ice cream thing, here’s a quick
recap of what we’ve learned so far:

1. Training your Type 2b muscle fibers leads to a reduction
in fat.

2. Training your Type 2b muscle fibers improves your
metabolism – allowing you to burn more calories

3. This occurs independently of other physical activity –
in other words, this is a result of ONLY training your Type
2b fibers (good bye long high rep swing sessions!)

4. This occurs independently of diet

5. Training your Type 2b muscle fibers improves the
function of your liver, your main fat burning organ

6. Training your Type 2b muscle fibers improves
the rate at which your liver burns fat

Wouldn’t you agree that so far those are some pretty powerful
benefits from and arguments for focusing on training your
Type 2b muscle fibers?

But it gets even better.

On to the ice cream.

As I [obnoxiously] mentioned before, I eat ice cream every

And I’m not going to stop. :-)

The reason I can do this and still stay a lean 205-210lbs
is because ALL of my training is centered around doing
two things:

1. Generating as much tension/force as necessary


2. Lifting as explosively as possible.

That’s important because those are the only two ways
to use your Type 2b muscle fibers.

And here’s the REALLY important part:

According to Izumiya et al, training the Type 2b improved
“insulin sensitivity and [caused] reductions in blood glucose,
insulin, and leptin levels.”

And also, “these effects occurred despite a reduction in
physical activity.”

Let’s unpack that so you understand EXACTLY how that
applies to you.

Basically, when you lift heavy or explosively your body
uses sugar for fuel.

And by training these Type 2b muscle fibers on a routine
basis, all the mechanisms associated with sugar become
more efficient.

You get fat because the opposite happens – you become
less efficient at using sugar (and calories).

(An example of this is Type 2 Diabetes.)

So that explains how I’m able to eat ice cream every
night and still remain lean.

Now, how DO YOU do this?

Very simple.

You must routinely practice training your Type 2b muscle

The more you do it, the better you get at doing it.

But there are techniques you need to know when doing
it with kettlebells.

Or rather, a pair of kettlebells.

Why a pair?

Because that’s the best way to activate those Type 2bs.

They can only be accessed under heavy loads or while
lifting explosively (the Jerk is one of the best explosive
lifts to do this).

And the best way I know of to learn how to use a pair
of kettlebells is by getting “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

Here’s what else –

Apparently the link I sent out yesterday to get this was
broken. Sorry about that. It was that kind of day.

If you grabbed your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” yesterday
or Tuesday, I was going to throw in a little bonus for you
to really help nail down this whole Type 2b fiber thing for
fat loss –

“Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!”.

It’s a 29 day rapid fat loss program that relies solely on
accessing your Type 2b muscle fibers (well, that and some
ninja nutrition tactics).

I’ve had people lose up to 22 pounds in only 29 days.

Who knows, you could beat that record?

Anyway, because the link yesterday was broken, I’m extending
this special bonus to today.

Here’s where you get “Kettlebell STRONG!” and “Kettlebell

BUT – don’t just jump right into “EXTREME!”.

Here’s how I suggest you use it:

1. You order “Kettlebell STRONG!” and receive it in the mail
in 7-10 business days if you live in the US. (15-25 international.)

2. You immediately download “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!”
and read through it so you get a general idea how it works.

3. You then pick a month – only one month – to put yourself
through “EXTREME!”. 30 – 60 days after you get “Kettlebell
STRONG!” would be your best choice.

4. You receive “Kettlebell STRONG!” in the mail, watch the
DVDs and follow along in the manual.

Spend 30-60 days working on your technique – practicing
generating tension and being explosive.

Do phase 1 of the “Strong” program.

5. Then do “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!” for 29 days.

6. After you’ve dropped even more body fat from “EXTREME!”
go back to the “Strong” program and run through the whole
thing. “Short Course” or “Long Course” – your choice.

You’ll be surprised at how much stronger you’ll get with less
body fat. (Remember, increased metabolic parameters –
including more efficient glucose uptake and utilization – sorry –
excited geek speak there – sugar tolerance.)

So there you have it – your next 60-90 days and then some
all laid out for you.

Get your copy of the “EXTREMELY STRONG!” package here.

Bottom line is this:

When you intelligently train your Type 2b muscle fibers
using a pair of kettlebells and what you learn inside
“Kettlebell STRONG!” You can have your cake ice cream
and eat it too.

Talk later.


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