“Lock Up” Your Gains Over The Holidays With These

Survive or Thrive?

It’s a choice very few people make during the Holidays.

Most “normal” people start to scale back their workouts
this time of year – with the pressure of traveling or
preparing to welcome guests for Thanksgiving (assuming
you live in America, of course).

And they get knocked out of their “groove.”

They automatically fall into “survival” mode.

So they struggle and bump along through December, picking
themselves back up (along with about 5 extra pounds) and
try as they might to get back on track in January.

This doesn’t have to happen to you.

In fact, getting your workouts in for the next 6 weeks
can be a piece of cake – as easy as pie (Mmmmmmm… pie…)
if you just believe that it can be so.

This week we’re covering the 5 different “Thrival”
strategies you can use to do just that – THRIVE over
the Holidays instead of feeling overwhelmed and just
surviving like everyone else.

(We’re not like everyone else in the first place – we
use KBs.)

Sometimes we forget just how efficient the KB is for
a workout.

It literally can be a “one-stop-shop” for strength,
cardiovascular health, flexibility, and fat loss –

Especially if you program your workouts right.

Yesterday, we talked about complexes – one of my favorites.

Today, let’s look at the complex’s cousin.



No, not the ones you lock up your bike with or drag
behind you OS-style (although that’s pretty efficient

I’m talking about taking one or a pair of kettlebells
and doing a series of exercises in a row one rep at a

Here’s a better definition:

CHAIN: A series of [compound] exercises performed
sequentially in which each exercise is preformed once
before the sequence is started again. Each time the
sequence is performed is considered one repetition.

Here’s how it looks on paper:

(Exercise A + Exercise B + Exercise C + Exercise D) x 5

What’s the difference on the body between chains and

You can actually do more work with chains.

Which means you have the potential to burn more calories.

Why’s that?

Because with complexes, you’re fatiguing certain muscles
and they become the limiting factor because fatigue
limits force production (work).

With chains, you spread the fatigue around throughout
the body, so you get tired, but you’re not limited by
burnout in any particular body part – like your shoulders.

And just like complexes, chains are VERY time efficient.

Especially this time of year.

Seriously – you can get a massive calorie burning workout
using a pair of medium-sized KBs in as little as 10

That’s super easy to fit into the busiest of schedules.


– Pick up Grandma at airport. Check.
– Prep stuffing. Check.
– Do a double KB chain. Check.
– Prep pies. Check. (Make sure sweat as a result of chains
doesn’t end up in said pies.)
– Make dinner.


Fits in there easily.

If you want a great selection of chains that will easily
fit into your busy schedule so you can lock in your
gains from this year without backsliding –

Grab a copy of “More Kettlebell Muscle.”

It contains 20 different programs (NOT workouts) of
double KB Chains AND double KB Complexes.

It’s perfect for burning off fat at this – one of the
busiest times of the year.

Talk soon.


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