Lost In [Head]Space

I started training a woman about 8 years ago who was a physical
therapy patient of my wife. She had a bunch of knee surgeries and
my wife discharged her to me to do some post-rehab work.

She had an interesting personality:

She was very excitable and when I explained something to her
she’d say, “Yeah! Yeah!”

She was making great progress until she told me she also wanted to
focus on losing some body fat.

Now she was probably about the usual 20-25 pounds overweight – one
of those women who could hide it well.

She was a nurse, so wearing scrubs every day helped.

Ok, it didn’t.

It probably hurt her.


Because she could hide it very well under her baggy clothes and
most likely wasn’t confronted with reality until she looked at
herself in the mirror.

Worse yet –

I was even very careful about “qualifying” her to use my fat-
burning philosophies (at the time) and she passed.

She said all the right things – things she probably thought I wanted
to hear (like, “Yeah! Yeah!”)

Unfortunately for her, she failed to lose any significant fat.


She was lost in her own headspace.


She said one thing verbally and believed another internally.

Which really means that she believed 2 different things.

Thing one: She could lose weight.

Thing two: She could keep doing what it was she was currently
doing – you know, the things that made her gain that extra
20-25 pounds in the first place.

I wrote out her nutritional plan – which was vastly different –
almost exactly the opposite of what she was doing.

She refused to do it – making excuses for not changing – continuing
to do the same things she had been doing to fatten herself up.

And she was frustrated with me because my program wasn’t working!

This is commonly known as “cognitive dissonance.”

It’s the mental stress or anxiety created from holding two different
and competing or contradictory beliefs or is presented with new
information that conflicts with their existing beliefs, ideas, etc…

And it may be one of the leading reasons you’re not seeing the
results you expect from your kettlebell workouts.

See, it’s not the kettlebell.

And it’s not the workout.

It’s YOU.

Yeah, I know, sounds harsh.

But that’s what love does – it tells the Truth even when it’s

(“Hey man, you keep putting your hand on the stove when it’s on,
you’re gonna keep getting burned.”

“How dare you say such a thing! You are so intolerant and mean!”)

That’s why I’m sharing this with you.

I’m telling you The Truth.

You need to examine yourself – your thoughts. Your “inner game.”

… The things you believe…

… The things you tell yourself…

… Your actions and your outcomes…

And yeah, I understand this may be an uncomfortable process.

(I’ve done this myself – I can empathize.)

That’s ok.

Going through that process and coming out the other side in a place
you really want to be is SO much better than hanging out by De Nile.

(Think about it – De Nile – not just a river in Egypt…)

So, you may be on a fat loss program right now and very frustrated
with your lack of results.

Here’s a startling idea:

Even though you’re 20-25 pounds overweight, maybe being on a fat loss
program isn’t the best thing for you right now.

Maybe it’s creating too much stress right now because of your
conflicting beliefs.

Go back and examine what you believe.

While you’re doing that – getting the “inner game” right, just get
yourself on a strength program. Or learn some new KB skills. Or both.

Learn or fine tune the double KB lifts for example.

Lifts like:

The Double Snatch
The Double Jerk
The Double High Pull
The Double Clean + Jerk

And others…

Heck, who knows, while taking the pressure off the external and working
on the internal, you might just lose a couple of pounds.

I’ve seen it happen before.

Take the pressure off and learn something new while you work on your
“inner game” with “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

Get your copy here.

Talk soon.


P.S. You know the best thing about banging your head against the wall?


Think about it.

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