Lying To Myself…

Sometimes, I find myself in the uncomfortable position where
my actions don’t meet up with my expectations.

You know, you end up doing work for work’s sake –

Which is really doing the WRONG work to get the job done,
in which case –

The job doesn’t get done.

You ever do that? ;-)

It’s rampant in the KB community.

For some reason, we’re still under the illusion/delusion
that “all” we need to do to lose body fat is to swing the

For some people that may be true at certain times.

However, if that’s universally true, then how come more women
aren’t fitting into their skinny jeans from doing “just swings?”

Or more men aren’t back into their high school pants?

The fact is, we live in denial.

We’re doing the wrong work.

We’re lying to ourselves.

Case in point –

A couple of years ago I was talking with one of my close
friends – a high level KB instructor. The guy knows KBs inside
and out.

I simply challenged him to measure his waist.

He didn’t think it was that big of a deal, because, hey, he
is a high level KB instructor and he was on the Warrior Diet.

He was shocked at the outcome.

As a result, he got his nutrition in order and immediately
dropped 20 pounds .

Turns out he wasn’t really doing the Warrior Diet – he was
doing his interpretation of it, which usually included
a lot of cheeseburgers and beer.

In his mind it was ok, because, hey, he was only eating one
big meal a day – just like the Warrior Diet, right?

Look, doing swings and get ups are good.

Doing cleans and presses are good.

But doing them and fooling yourself into thinking that you
can eat what you want or even more of what you want because
you’re working out with KBs is just lying to yourself.

So, now that we’ve gotten that awkward admission out in the
open – what should you do now?


Commit to changing or commit to staying the same.

Those are the only 2 choices you really have.

If you’re committed to stay the same, then at least you’re
honest with yourself.

All you can do right now is all you can do right now, and
that’s fine.

If you’re committed to changing what you’re doing, start

Pick one new behavior to change at a time.

For fat loss, I think the simplest, easiest way to start dropping
some L-B’s or K-G’s if you prefer, is to incorporate a weekly
24 hour fast.

You simply skip eating for a day.

That’s right – a whole day. (Italics = sarcasm. We all know that
skipping a day of eating won’t kill us – it’s just the thought of
“deprivation” we don’t like. )

We all know that you need to be in a caloric deficit to lose

So skipping a day of eating puts you in one automatically.

No calorie counting.

No meal timing.


Just don’t eat.

Black coffee and black / green tea are fine.

So’s lemon water. (Or lime water if you prefer.)

For workouts, well that’s another story altogether.

If you’ve been training / working out with kettlebells religiously
for 2 or more years, and are still doing single KB workouts,
then it’s time to turn it up a notch.

There’s only so much a single KB can do for you.

You can get pretty strong.

You can get pretty lean.

But if you want to get STRONG and LEAN, then you really
need to use a pair of KBs.

Not only that, you need to learn to use a pair of KBs the correct


You need to do some “big lifts” – double KB lifts that burn a ton
of calories while doing them. And, even a little extra after you’re
done with them.

Lifts like the Clean and Press.

Or the Clean and Push Press.

Or even the Clean and Jerk.

Learn how to do the double KB lifts correctly in “Kettlebell

And use the “STRONG!” program – which is centered around the
double KB Clean and Press, combined with a 24 hour fast, to
get leaner, stronger, faster, without any complication.

Get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Talk soon.


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