Make It Easy On Yourself (And STILL “Win”)

You ever notice this about human nature – many of us
are naturally drawn to things that are hard or more
complex because we associate those things with being
more “valuable.”

Therefore, they must be “better.”

But that’s not always the case – especially when it comes
to working out.

I recently launched a program called “Kettlebell Burn
EXTREME!” which I do not recommend you buy.

(And no, that’s not some reverse psychology sales pitch
to make you want it more.)

Why not?

Because it’s complex.

There are a lot of moving parts in there and it requires a
lot of focus.

Is it valuable?

Oh yeah, baby – more than even I imagined. I’ve been
receiving a slew of emails from people losing over 10
pounds in their first week alone. Needless to say, they’re

But I digress…

My point is, it’s WAY TOO COMPLEX for most people.
And it requires WAY TOO MUCH TIME for most people.

It’s only for people who can focus and devote 30 days
to achieving an outrageous goal.

And I gotta admit something here – I did it and it was
HARD. The program itself wasn’t hard, but the time
commitment was. And the commitment to follow ALL
the parts in the program was, without skipping anything.

That’s why I don’t recommend you do it.

Because it’s not easy and you certainly won’t be making
it easy on yourself.

That’s why I recommend shorter, less frequent workouts
for the majority of people – like 3 x30 minute or 3 x20
minute workouts per week.


Can’t you see more results from doing “more”?

Sure can. But you know what, it’s better to consistently
get shorter workouts done when you absolutely know
you’ve got time to do them.

And actually DOING them is 100% of the battle.

I used to be notorious (in my own mind) for writing highly
complex, fully periodized, high frequency programs that
I’d start only to quit due to circumstances.

Talk about feeling defeated… you may know what I’m
talking about… start a program with the best of intentions
then something comes up and you get derailed…

…maybe for a couple of days, maybe for a week… maybe
for months…

So the easiest way to “win” – that is to see success –
results – is to make your workouts so easy to complete
that you can’t not do them. (Yes, I know, double negative.)

And the best way to do that is to set aside really small
periods of time each week to do them and use really
simple workout programs.

I recommend you use “Kettlebell Express!” workouts.

You’ll get your workouts in EASILY.

You’ll get your workouts done CONSISTENTLY.

And most importantly, you’ll see RESULTS almost

Therefore, YOU WIN. :-)

Talk soon.


P.S. The great thing about the “Express!” workouts is
that you literally have ZERO excuse not to find one
of the programs to do because they fit into ANYONE’S

Yep – their THAT easy…

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