Make Room For Those Hot Dogs And Burgers With This “Metabolic Fireworks” Workout…

If you’re celebrating the 4th of July – Happy! Happy!

Here’s a quick little metabolic workout for you designed
to turn your metabolism into a barbecue – and make
room for all the beer and brats you can handle.

And of course, it’s a complex.


Cause nothing gets your metabolic fires going like
a complex with a pair of kettlebells.

So here it is – I recommend you do this about an hour or
two before you hit the BBQ to really set your metabolism
on fire.

Weight = 10RM on Double Snatch

Front Squat

Perform ladders. (1,2,3,4) x2.

That’s 100 total reps for the day.

That’s a significant number of reps, especially when you
realize that’s 40 Jerks.

Rest twice as long as it takes you to do the work. (W:R=1:2)

*If you can’t do Jerks, do Push Presses.

This little beauty comes from the program, “Jerk Werk”
found inside “More Kettlebell Muscle.” (It’s’ Day 2 of a 3-day
a week, 6 week program.)

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This little beauty of a workout will really get you sweating –
and will help melt some of that butter you’ve been storing.

It’s fast-paced and fun. Kind of like fireworks for your

Happy Fourth!


P.S. If your relegated to doing Push Presses today instead of
Jerks, on pp.59-69, of “Kettlebell STRONG!” you’ll discover
the 4 areas that hold most people back from doing Jerks
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