Make Your Press Stronger In 10 Seconds With This 1 “Trick”

I make no bones about it – I’m into strength. I like to be strong
and you should too.

So I’m always on the hunt for ways to get stronger – much
stronger – and as fast as possible.

For example, what I’m about to share with you will literally
make your Press stronger in about 10 seconds.

No joke. No hype.

Just good ol’ fashioned scienctifical stuff. Anatomicals n

So here’s what you do:

1. Clean your KB.
2. Once in the rack, squeeze the handle
3. Pull your elbow down into your hip, then…


What you’ll find is that if you do this right, by pulling your elbow
down to your hip is that you stretch your delt, and compress/load
you lat, creating that “shelf” from which you press.

Not only that, but you’ll compress your abs a bit too so you’ll
build tension in your midsection giving you a stronger platform
from which to press.

When you first do this the bell feels like a rocket.

Now here’s my DISCLAIMER –

The weight will feel lighter, but you probably won’t be able to
do as many reps, for two main reasons:

1. It’s a new motor pattern – or at least a variation of an old one
so you won’t be as efficient at it

2. Because you’re actually using your lat more, this new technique
will require more energy, which means you’ll probably run out of
gas earlier

But don’t let that fool you or discourage you – you’ll get stronger
in a shorter period of time.

Plus, you’re less likely to get injured too because you’re not relying
soley on your shoulders and triceps to press you KB, and therefore
overstressing your rotator cuff.

Finally, the cool thing about this little “trick” is that it actually recruits
all the muscles in your upper body more than if you didn’t use it –
including your chest and even your biceps.

(Yes, biceps…)

You’re probably wondering how often you should use this and what
a program would look like.

Well I’d use it every workout – so all the time. And I’d use workouts
structured like “Upper Body Blast” and “Total Body Blast” found in
“Kettlebell Express!”.

Get your copy here and save yourself the time and frustration of
having to design your own programs
. That way you can really
focus in on the mechanics of the lifts – like today’s Press “trick.”

Talk soon.


P.S. “Upper Body Blast” is a 12 week program and “Total Body
Blast” is a 12 week program so that’s 24 weeks of pressing you
can use this new Press trick on

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