“Make” Yourself Get Results?

There’s something funny about success –

Especially success working out –

You know – getting that lean, strong body we all say we want but many of us have a hard time attaining.

Here’s the “funny” thing –

We know what we need to do – but so many times so many of us can’t make ourselves do it.

Case in point – here’s an email from Dalton R. that I could totally relate to a couple of years ago about his #1 single biggest challenge with his kettlebell workouts:

“Ok. Here it is. And, it’s always been the problem. Nutrition and the discipline to stick to it.

I am athletic and strong. I have always been. I’m 46 and fit for the average 46 year old. I use two 50 pound bells most of the time. I love training but don’t have the time for long sessions. This is why I love your programming. I understand what I have to do for the food part.

But, I’m a dad of two, have my own counseling practice. Busy kids busy life. I don’t see the visible results in my body that I would like – Fatloss, etc. but I keep getting stronger. I tend to grow muscle easily but have a hard time taking off the fat.

I don’t drink but nighttime eating hurts me. I don’t like the longer cardio work. Just a middle age guy who should lose at least 20 pounds of fat. I gain muscle but can’t shed the fat. I am not outraining the diet.”

Can you relate?

Busy life but just can’t out-train your diet?

Getting results – even good results – but not the results you REALLY want?

Here’s what you do.

STOP eating so much food.

It’s like that Bob Newhart scene from Mad TV about the counselor who only charged $5 per session and who’s sessions never lasted more than 10 minutes. He simply told the people he was counseling to “STOP IT!”

That was it.


See, so many of us can fail to see the obvious right in front of our noses.

Eating too much?


Ok, ok, ok…

I get it.

You might not find that advice very helpful.

Then you’ll find this helpful:

Ever hear of the Law of Genesis?

Probably not.

It’s one of those “Biblical” Laws – you know – out of the Bible.

If just mentioning that word – Bible – turns you off – that’s a bummer.

Because there’s some great stuff in there – like this Law of Genesis.

And when you are ignorant of the law, and you break it, you suffer the consequences, whether you like it, agree with it, or “believe” in it.

So, my recommendation is read this part with an open mind, ok? Because it just might be the thing you need to get out of your rut and make the changes necessary to get the lean strong body you’ve been chasing but haven’t caught.

The Law of Genesis simply states that EVERYTHING reproduces according to its kind.

And that means EVERYTHING.

Here’s the scary part –

That means your thoughts reproduce.

Think negative thoughts, get more negative thoughts.

Worse –

Negative thoughts have “fruit” – negative actions.

So when you think things like “I can’t ______” guess what happens?

That’s right.

You can’t.

And you won’t.

You shut down your future possibilities for success.

Not until you change your thought life.

For example, when I’m lifting something heavy, I tell myself it’s light. And it usually feels much lighter than if I don’t tell myself it’s light.

And if you tell yourself “I just can’t lose fat” – guess what?

You’re programming yourself to remain fat.

Sound like “hocus-pocus?”

Well let me ask you this:

How’s what you’re currently doing working for you?


It’s not?

Then perhaps you should consider doing something

Speaking of “hocus-pocus” –

All of this “stuff” is scientifically documented by a brilliant doctor named Caroline Leaf, a cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD in Communication Pathology specializing in Neurophysiology.

If you want to look up her books, feel free. They’d really help you out.

However, the Law of Genesis, as true as it is, only provides a reason “why” – or one of the reasons “why” you’re not seeing results.

What would really help you get where you want to go is to sit down and figure out “why” you want to see the results you want to see -

WHY do you want to strip off body fat?

WHY is it important to you?

What does it mean to you? How would you feel as a result?

Until you discover your “why” then you’ll always be struggling regardless of whether you know natural laws or not.

Until you sit down and make yourself discover your “why” you’re always going to find a way to sabotage yourself and you’ll remain perpetually frustrated.

You know what I mean, right?

That’s why I put together my “A.N.C.H.O.R” program awhile back.

It helps you find your “why.”

It helps you discover that deep seated motivation to get to your objective.

Without it, you’ll continue to flounder.

How do you get a copy of the “A.N.C.H.O.R.” program?

It’s a bonus for becoming a member in the “Kettlebell 365” program.

The cool part about the “Kettlebell 365” program is it also keeps you accountable with weekly coaching emails, keeping you on track to becoming a lean, mean, fighting machine.

Enroll today.

Talk soon.


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