“Man Who Chases 2 Kettlebells…”

Well, Monday’s over.


And here we go headlong into a new week whether we’re ready for it or not.

Time to get refocused – to really dial it in and get stuff done.

Speaking of “getting stuff done” and “dialing it in” –

How do you work out and focus on what you want versus what you need?

In other words, what if your #1 biggest challenge with your kettlebell workouts is like Derek B’s –

“Workout ADHD.”

What happens if you want to be stronger, lose fat, look great nekkid, improve your confidence, get respect, become more attractive to your spouse or the opposite sex (if you’re single) or improve your overall conditioning levels?

What can you do to keep from getting distracted from the next latest greatest thing?

Or worse yet – from being “bored” of your workouts? It’s like that old Chinese proverb –

“Man who chases two rabbits catches none.”

You must have a singular focus.

Whatever your goal – focus on it.

Until you hit it.

Then switch goals.

Pretty simple really.

Not so easy for some.

How do you stay focused?

2 Ways –

1. Realize that goal achievement is a PROCESS.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

Just like a farmer doesn’t plant seed today and expect there to be plants tomorrow, you’re not going to reach your goals overnight.

You need to remember the 2 “P” words –


You need to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and you’re not going to achieve your goal in a day either.

There’s always a time delay.

And as long as you “keep on keeping on” you’ll reach your destination – assuming you’re headed in the right direction in the first place.


That’s the “Keep on keeping on” part.

This is where you do what you know you’re supposed to be doing without getting distracted.

2. Find entertainment outside of your workouts.

In other words, your workouts will never be boring if you do other things for fun.

Workouts – or training – is just that –


Sure, there must be some level of enjoyment associated with your workouts, but I always get more enjoyment from the OUTCOME rather than the process.

In other words –

I ENJOY being strong.

I ENJOY being lean.

I ENJOY being healthy.

I ENJOY having stamina.

And part of me can’t help but wonder if it’s because that sets me apart from the rest of the population.

I take great pleasure in knowing I’m not like the majority of the population. (Neither are you – that’s why you use kettlebells and are reading this.)

Don’t you think you’d enjoy those too?

I’m betting you would.

The key then is to follow the Process.

What is the process?

Here’s a simple, time-tested one:

First, use a pair of kettlebells – it’ll get you to your goal faster.

Second, train for strength.

Third, train for muscle mass.

Fourth, train for fat loss and/or conditioning.

That way, you can use the same pair of kettlebells the entire way through and really “own” them.

How long will this take?

As long as it takes, assuming you’re designing your own programs.

However, if you want the “done-for-you” option –

You can grab a copy of the “STRONG!” program found inside “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

If you choose the “Short Course,” you’ll be through this process in 17 weeks.

(I recommend this for people with good recovery, who can train 3 days a week.)

If you choose the “Slow & Steady,” this process will take you 29 weeks, assuming you can train 3 days a week.

(Of course, both the “Short Course” and the “Slow & Steady” will take longer if you choose to only workout 2 days per week, which is a viable option.)

And, if for some reason, you find you need more entertainment from your workouts, you can always take 10 minutes or so before each workout and refine your double KB technique with the 2 DVD technique videos.

Stop your workout ADHD permanently with the “STRONG!” program here.

Talk soon.

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