March Madness QnA – KB Training For Athletes, RKC Prep, & Overtrained Abs

Haven’t done this in awhile – so I thought I’d
put together a QnA from some of the questions I
receive each week.

Here’s the first one, in honor of March Madness,
from John Palmer –

“I am trying to put together a kettlebell workout
that would benefit basketball players. My nephew
and a couple of his teammates are looking to add
some muscle in the offseason. Could you please
recommend some exercises that would beneficial to
a basketball player.”

Here was my response, which I will detail more of
in a minute –

“Swings and Get Ups are the first place to start.
They benefit EVERYBODY.

Three times per week. That’s their foundation.

From there move on the Clean + Press.”

And it really is THAT simple.

We have the mistaken notion that because we play
a sport – and really it’s nothing more than
deceptive marketing tactics – that we need “special”

The only athletes who need “special” exercises
are the ones training for the Olympics. Not the
ones who want to someday go to the Olympics – but
the ones actually preparing for them – in other
words – World Class Athletes.

Most of us are not World Class Athletes.

The kettlebell Swing and the Get Up done with a
kettlebell, as boring as “just” doing 2 exercises
sound, are beneficial for every athlete, regardless
of the sport.

And they can actually be very beneficial as
“special” exercises even for World Class Athletes.

And in case you don’t believe me, my good buddy,
Doug Nepodal, SrRKC, trains a BJJ World Champ
and his entire BJJ school.

You know the 2 exercises they use the most?

Yeah, the Swing and the Get Up.

In fact, the Champ actually rehabbed a busted
shoulder using “just” the Get Up after wasting
months doing fancy shoulder rehab protocols with
a PT who was an expert in “Combat Sports”.

From the Swing and the Get Up, we move to other
more complex movements, like the Clean + Press.

Pavel recounts how guys in his Spetsnaz unit in
Russia used to pack muscle on with “just” the
Clean + Press, despite having a poor diet.

A lot of times, simpler is better.

I spent a whole month back in 2009 working on
just the Get Up. One of the most profitable
training months I ever experienced.

Here’s the program I used. 

Next, Peggie asks,

“Hi Geoff – can you recommend one of your programs
to use for prepping for the RKC. I am going at
the beginning of September to St. Paul.”

For those who might not be aware of it, the RKC is
the Russian Kettlebell Challenge – a 3 day intensive
course which teaches people the how to use kettlebells
and teach them to others.

When it’s all said and done, there’s about 27 hours
of hands on contact time with the kettlebell.

It’s a lot of fun, but very challenging!

I simply recommended to that Peggy use “Kettlebell
Burn” – my single KB fat loss program. Not only
is it a fat loss program, but it gives you a lot
of practice and makes you incredibly strong too.

Finally, Chris asks, “Can a person overtrain their

Yes and no, Chris.

Understand that overtraining is a temporary physical
state brought on by a lack of recovery from training

That being said, the abs are muscles, just like every
other muscle group, so it is possible to “overtrain”
them – as in, get them bigger than you want to, which
is not what most people, especially women, want to do.

So train your abs with low volume using a combination
of isolated and integrated ab exercises like the ones
found in “Bulletproof Abs.” Get your copy here to 

That’s it for this week – off later today to teach
my “Kettlebell Muscle” Workshop tomorrow and teach
the “Becoming Bulletproof” Workshop on Sunday with
my good friend, Tim Anderson.

Hope you have a great weekend.


P.S. A lot of people have been asking when “Kettlebell
Burn EXTREME!” – my double KB fat loss program – is
coming out. Soon. Very, very soon…

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