Memorial Day “Burgers, Brats, And Beer Blast Workout” [INSIDE]

Hey – before you run off and stuff yourself with burgers,
brats (bratwurst – or hot dogs if you prefer) and one of
nature’s top 3 finest drinks – do this workout real quick –

But first –

If you’ve served in the military or are currently serving –

Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

Back to the brats – uh, bells…

Set Up: 2 bells


Use a pair of KBs you can Press 10 times.

Clean x6
Snatch x6
Jerk (or Push Press) x6
Front Squat x6
Swing x6

Hit this Big Dog for 3 sets – that’s 90 total reps and make sure
you rest twice as long as it takes you to perform it.

It’ll not only take your breath away, but it’ll make some
room for the calories you’re about to pack away so you
don’t damage the waistline too much this weekend.

Do yourself a favor – don’t let all the BBQs catch up to
your waistline this summer.

Get yourself the rest of that workout program – which is
actually called “Clean ‘Em Up 2.0″ and 39 others
with the most time-efficient rapid fat loss programs
around – More Kettlebell Muscle.

Have a great (and safe) Memorial Day!


P.S. To my international friends: Today may just be a
regular ol’ day for you. No worries – this workout will
still kick you in the pants and get you going for the


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