Minimalist V. Maximalist KB Workouts?


Hope you had a great weekend.

(I said “Ciao!” cause I’m in Italy in my mind. LOL.)

I did. Lots of family time. Quality family time too.

Speaking of Italy, I’m heading over there in 2 days to teach
an Original StrengthFoundations Level 1 workshop and a
“Kettlebell STRONG!” workshop.

Both will be awesome.

They are both examples of “minimalism.”

As opposed to what I call “maximalism.”

My good buddy Chris Lopez and I talked about it at 6am this
morning (!!!) when he interviewed me for his soon-to-be-released
AlphaDad Podcast (which you should definitely check out when
it goes live.)

“Maximalism” is when you do a bunch of “everything” hoping you
get all your bases covered.

Like those workouts you see with 17 different exercises, hitting
each muscle group from each angle – confusing it – or whatever.

“Minimalism” is whittling down something to it’s barest necessities
to still get the job done with maximum results.

Minimalism at it’s heart is about leverage.

It’s about using a small investment for a maximal return.

Kettlebell training at it’s heart is minimalistic.

Double kettlebell training is more so.

It’s the biggest-bang-for-your-buck training there is, in my ever-
so-humble opinion.

That’s why I put “Kettlebell STRONG!” together for you.

Now admittedly, some, maybe even you will be put off by the

“Holy cow!” they’ll say.

“That’s expensive!”

“Compared to what?” is my response.

Remember, we’re talking about leverage here.

For about the same price as a fancy dinner for you and your
significant other, you get almost 4 hours of the highest quality
instruction on double kettlebell training to be found anywhere
other than training with me one-on-one.

And you get close to a whole year’s worth of programming
in the book –

With just ONE lift.

Not only that, you can (and many have) use the “STRONG!”
program for multiple lifts –

Like the double Front Squat, the Clean + Push Press, and
even the Clean + Jerk.

The reality is, long after you’ve forgotten that fancy dinner for
two, you’ll still be reaping the benefits of your “Kettlebell
STRONG!” investment.

Each week you’re guaranteed (as long as you follow the program)
new levels of strength.

And, depending on your training background and food
consumption, you may, like many of the STRONG! users,
“accidentally” get leaner and more muscular.

It’s a resource you can use for YEARS to come. 

And the next best thing to attending a “Kettlebell STRONG!”

Now that’s leverage.

Leverage your workouts.

Get “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Gotta run.


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