Minimum KB Workout Time To Still Make Progress? [TEMPLATES]

One of the things about traveling is that you’re workouts
are… interrupted.

So you have to make due with what you have.

Fortunately, I do a lot of bodyweight work when I’m on
the road. 

But what do you do when your workouts are constantly
interrupted by life?

What happens when you literally can’t work out/ train
3 to 5 days a week even on the most abbreviated of

That’s a tough spot to be in.

That’s why most strength & conditioning experts agree
that 2 days a week is the minimum to get the job done.

You know, Mon-Thurs, Tues-Fri, Wed-Sat…

That kind of split.

What kind of workouts should you do?


Ones that are focused around your #1 goal, whatever
that is.

They should also be simple.


Because you’re time-restricted.

Here are some ideas based on your skill level:

1. Really, really novice:

Single KB – Swings, Get Ups

2. Novice:

Single KB – Swings, Get Ups, Goblet Squats, Cleans,
Presses, Snatches

3. Intermediate:

Single KB work – same as Novice, just with more volume
and a heavier KB

Double KB work – Front Squats, Presses, Cleans, Swings

4. Advanced-Intermediate:

Double KB – same as “Intermediate” + Snatches, Push 

5. Advanced: 

Same as “Advanced-Intermediate” + Jerks

Here’s a template I recommend:

   A. Warm up (Use “Original Strength”): 5-10′

   B. Main KB workout: 10-20′

   C. Cool down (more OS): 5-10′

Total workout time: 20-40′ depending on how much time
you can afford.

Broken out a little further, that main part could look like

- technique/skill work: 5-10′
- strength work: 10-15′


- technique/skill work: 5-10′
- conditioning: 5-15′


- strength work: 10-15′
- conditioning: 5-10′

Again, do that twice per week.

What kind of sets and reps?

That depends on your goals.

Most would be well served by doing primarily strength

Eat a healthy diet and get yourself out for a longish walk
on the weekends and you’ll be set from a fat loss 
perspective too.

Sure, you won’t be ripped, but you’ll be healthy, you’ll
start to lean out, and you’ll get stronger.

If you’re an intermediate KB lifter and above, I recommend
you don’t try to figure this out yourself, rather, get the “done-
for-you” version -

I’ve planned out 36 weeks of twice-weekly strength programming
inside “Kettlebell STRONG!” for you so you can get stronger,
leaner, and better conditioned in less time than you thought

You’ll be doing the double KB Clean + Press as the meat
+ potatoes of your program.

Alternatively, you can use the double Swing and do the “One”

It “only” takes 10 minutes per session.

I dare you to try to get through all the sessions.

It’s ok if you can’t, I’ve included modifications as a bonus.

When life routinely crunches you for time and your schedule
boxes you in on every side, you can still get in great shape
using your KBs “only” twice per week.

“Kettlebell STRONG!” takes the guesswork out of what
you can and should be doing during those twice-weekly

Get your copy here.

Gotta run… Off to the airport for a 13+ hour flight home.

Gotta love that – literally going back in time…

Talk soon.


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