“More Kettlebell Muscle” = “A$$ Kicking” Conditioning

If rapid fat loss or even fat loss isn’t your thing – no worries –
“More Kettlebell Muscle” is still for you – when you want to
explode your conditioning levels into the stratosphere.

Check out this FB comment –

Here’s the deal:

Double KB training not only makes you incredibly strong,
but when you’re programs are structured correctly, they
make things like a 5 minute snatch test with that light
little 24kg KB feel like a walk in the park.

I don’t think there is anything I’ve experienced in over 20
years of lifting that places the kinds of conditioning demands
on the body like heavy-ish kettlebell complexes.


And apparently, neither has Mike:

When you want to gain extreme levels of conditioning,
“More Kettlebell Muscle” will get you there faster than a
disability lawyer chasing an ambulance.

(Ha! Couldn’t help myself – had to slip a lawyer joke in

And when you demand “no quit conditioning” – “More
Kettlebell Muscle”‘s got your back.

And your legs. And your grip. And your shoulders.

Get your copy here.

As Pavel says, “Enjoy the Pain!”


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Check out this email I got from Jacob, an BJJ’er:

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