More Of The Same…? [GIFT INSIDE]

Ahhh… New Year’s Eve… The last night of an old year
filled with anticipation for good things to come (after of
course a night of celebration usually filled with binge


I have 2 sick kiddos so we’re staying in. Plus, I’m not
one for binge drinking anyway. (To each his own.)

My New Year is already set up.

I have the necessary mechanisms in place to make 2015
more successful than 2014.

Not that 2014 was bad – it wasn’t – it was great!

But, me never being satisfied, want more.

What about you?

Will 2015 be more of the same for you?

Will 2015 have the same failures and frustrations as 2014
or will it not only be a new year but the start of a new
direction in your life?

A direction filled with accomplishment and success,
achieving long-held dreams, rejecting fear of failure,
criticism of others, fear of success, and embracing who
and what you have always wanted to be?

Will your KBs still be dusty, being used as a doorstop
in multiple places throughout the house?

Will you start one program, only to be distracted by the
promises of another that pops up in your email inbox?

Will you go on yet another diet instead of committing to
finding an eating lifestyle that will work for you – allowing
you to continually lose fat at a controlled pace while
regaining your health?

Look, I’m not condemning you.

I’ve fallen into the trap of performing the same negative
behaviors and falling into the same ol’ ruts.

That’s why I want to give you something that’s helped
me tremendously.

In fact, I use this with some of my private coaching clients
who, like me, have found themselves stuck in a rut.

The problem is, in order to get out of the rut, to change
your behaviors to ensure success THIS time, THIS year,
you need to be honest with yourself and do some

The life and the body you want is not as simple as
downloading an app from the App Store.

It’s a process.

A simple, repeatable, and predictable process.

It all stems from understanding how to reprogram your
mind and how subconscious behaviors govern the choices
you make.

I put together a special report for you – a gift for you to help
you in the New Year.

In it, you’ll learn a simple process that I used to finally get
ahold of my fat loss and health – enabling me to take control
of my life again.

It’s in a PDF format and all you have to do to get it is click
the link below.

It should immediately open up as a PDF on your computer
or phone.

My suggestion is that you print it off, staple it together, and
read it – several times.

It’ll really help you out.

Here’s the link for the download.

And here’s wishing you a safe, happy, and prosperous New
Year my friend.


P.S. The report is geared toward fat loss, but you can apply it
to any behavior you want to change.

Here’s the download link.

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