“More Out Of The First 3 DVDs Than A $2000 Than Tony Robbins Seminar…”

I got this email yesterday from a very good customer and
friend of mine – Calvin Poole – about the “Psychology of
Strength” program.

I asked Calvin if I could share it with you in case you’re still
on the fence about how important Mental Toughness is and
if the “Psychology of Strength” program is right for you.

“Dear Geoff,

I have always tried to work on the mental aspect of “the game”
and have found it to be the most valuable.  I have worked on
this for years and have actually done quite well with it. I am
still interested in this and while making great advances, I still
look to further my knowledge. “Progress not perfection”.

The “Psychology of Strength” is one of these programs.  I got
more out of the first 3 DVD’s  than I did out of a $2,000 Tony
Robbins Seminar some years ago. (Yes, I did that).

I have been through several near death experiences, as has
Mike, including being run over by a car and being in a coma
for 2 months, then spending 4 months learning to walk again.
Parents being told I was going to die, then be a vegetable,
then never work again to having come the full circle and
becoming Medical Director of a busy ER (Over worked, LOL).

I wish that I had found this many years ago, such as in my
teens and twenties and even thirties.  It has taken me 60
years to make it to this point. This would have been a great
advance in my learning.

I am going to recommend it for anyone to learn…actually I
had rather keep it a secret.

I bought the hard copy in hopes that  my sons will show some
interest in the subject and will use it one day.

Thanks for the recommendation,

Calvin Poole” 

Like Mike Gillette, apparently Calvin is hard to kill (thankfully).

I really don’t know what more I can say other than if someone
who has been through what Calvin has, and has a job like
Calvin (think about the trauma an ER doc sees on a daily
basis) –

Finds extreme value in the “Psychology of Strength” program –

Do you think you could find some life-changing value
in it too?

I’m betting you can.

In fact, so is Mike Gillette.

He’s so confident that the “Psychology of Strength” program
will change your life he’s offering a full, unconditional, no-
questions-asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee on it

Get “Psychology of Strength” today and you’ll have a full
60 days to drive the thing into the dirt

If you don’t find the program immediately useful and
life-changing – then just ask for a refund.

Simple as that.

Get your copy of “Psychology of Strength” here.

WARNING: There is work involved in becoming Mentally

As always, I’m going to shoot you straight.

When you get “Psychology of Strength” you’ll actually
have to do some work

There are videos to watch and mental exercises to perform
in order to transform yourself from who you are now to
the person you know you’re supposed to be.

If you’re not willing to do the work, or you think that this
is some “magic pill” program, then this is NOT for you.

However, if you’re serious about getting your “inner game”
right like Calvin is, get your copy of “Psychology of Strength”

Talk soon.


P.S. I forgot to tell you – “Psychology of Strength” is being
offered as a digital download AND a real-deal hold-in-your-
hand physical product – a workbook and 2 DVD set.

If you like “real” books and DVDs then you’ll want to act
on this now because apparently out of the 1000 that were
produced, there are only 19 copies left

P.P.S. When I asked Calvin if I could share his email with
you, after he said “yes” he also said –

“This guy is the real thing. I usually can pick up on things like
that. He actually wants to help people and not just make money.
I had gotten several ads on him but when you recommended him,
it was a done deal.  Thanks again.”

That’s what “Psychology of Strength” is all about –

Helping you tear down the mental blocks that are keeping
you from seeing the results in your workouts and other
areas of your life

If you’re ready to make a quantum leap and get the life
you’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to get –

Chances are better than good that you need to check
what’s going on between your ears.

“Psychology of Strength” will help get where you want
to – NEED to go.

Get your copy here.

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