More Valuable Than 1-On-1 KB Training?

Some of the best training times of my life were from
1996 to 2000 when every Saturday I would drive about
an hour north to visit my weightlifting coach.

I was doing post-grad work and working half-time as
a personal trainer in those early days, and then I went
on to full-time and then my strength and conditioning
coaching at Rutgers.

Money was tight, especially those early days, but I
always made sure I had enough for gas, tolls, and

(The NJ Turnpike was about $6 round trip back then
and the Cuban espresso at the grocer’s up the street
from the gym was $1. And I used between a 1/4 and
1/2 tank of gas round trip. Funny how you always
“find” money for things that are important to you…)

I would get there early – when the gym opened – and
yeah, back then 9am was early! And I’d leave at 6pm
when the gym closed.

I’d watch Alfonso train his clients, ask him questions
about why he did what he did, and learn.

Of course we’d train too.

Al would write my programs, make modifications, and
watch my technique, correcting me as necessary.

He’d always sit on a bench with his legs crossed
and arms folded, leaning forward, more often than
not, sipping espresso.

As awesome as those moments were – and they
were awesome, what was even better was knowing
that Al and I were in it together.

He had my back.

If I had a question about my training, I’d call him up
and either talk to him directly or leave a message.

And believe me, I had A LOT of questions about
training and my programs.

Twenty years later, I still do.

Al and I trained again for a brief period last year –

And it was just like old times. :-)

Unfortunately, it was just like old times. :-(

See, at 42, my body is MUCH different than it was
between 23 and 28, which is when I moved from New

And Al, as much as I love him – and love him I do –

He’s like a second father to me – just couldn’t seem
to understand that.

So, I had to find a new coach.

Someone else who could manage my training.

That’s where Jay came in.

He’s got me doing some – let’s just call it “interesting”
stuff – and his programming is different from Alfonso’s.

The good news is, just like Al was – he’s literally just
a phone call away.

And when I have questions, because I always do, he
has answers.

And when my technique breaks down, he reminds me
or provides me with cues on how to fix it.

Alfonso first, and now Jay, are a Godsend.

I needed someone to manage my training so I could
focus on all the other things I have going on – work,
school, family.

The last thing I need to “worry” about is whether
or not I’m doing the “right” workout to see the progress
I need to see to reach my goals.

What about you?

Who do you go to when things don’t go right with your

Do you have an expert – a Professional – you can call to
guide you in the right direction and help you troubleshoot
or get back on track?

Or are you just winging it and going it alone?

If so, how’s that working for you?

Or worse –

Who do you turn to when you get home later than expected
at night and still have to “get your workout in” and are
lacking motivation?

Who’s there to encourage you to keep going – to stick with
it – no matter what?

And hang in there, tighten the belt, suck it up, and get it
done when everything inside you tells you to skip it and
“do it tomorrow?”

(We both know in many, if not most cases, “tomorrow”
never comes.)

Again, how’s that working for you?

You reaching your goals?

Getting the results you say you want?

Living your dreams?

Or are you just treading water?

Or worse yet –

Are you, like so many others, caught in an endless loop
of repeating the same mistakes over and over and over
again, like Clark Griswold in “European Vacation,” stuck
on the traffic circle unable to get left?

Sure, you could go down and see your local KB instructor
and get some help.

Help with your form.

Maybe with your programming.

But will he or she be there for you when need them –
have questions or concerns, like a coach would?

Like Jay is for me?


Why not?

Because they work on an hourly rate.

$50 to $100 per hour.

And you have to pay them for their time.

And for most of them, if they’re any good, are booked
for 6 to 8 hours of the day.

I’m not knocking that or them either – I did that for 20

It’s great. I helped a lot of people. And I loved it.

But the thing is, more likely than not, you won’t be able
to just pick up the phone or text and call them every time
you have a question, especially if you don’t have a
long-term relationship with them.

(I’ve trained people for as long as 12 years. These clients
were like family to me. So of course when they called
or texted I responded. How could I not?)

And that’s the downside of 1-on-1 training.

But what if there is an alternative?

A model that provides you with cutting-edge KB

A model that provides you with detailed “insider” KB
exercise instruction -

Not that junk you get on YouTube, and not just stuff out
of certification manuals, (as good as that is), but instructions
and techniques born out of working with people day in
and day out for 20 years. In the trenches information.

AND a model that provides you access to and feedback
from an expert coach and master instructor

Someone who’s trained other instructors and traveled the
world having taught hundreds of people all over the world.

That’s the power of the Kettlebell Secrets Insider

Each Month, For The Next 8 Months, You Get:

+ A detailed KB program, using cutting-edge, field tested
program design
, so you know that what you’re getting
actually works

+ In-depth exercise instruction, delivered by video, for
ease and convenience of use
so you can watch and
learn over and over again at your pace

And –

+ You get access to me – I’ll answer your questions in a
private coaching forum about the program, your exercise
technique, nutrition – troubleshooting any problems you
may be having
, so you can get to where you want go
quicker than ever before with less thought, worry, hassle
and stress than ever before.

Registration for the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching
program closes tomorrow at midnight.

Enroll now and take a load off your shoulders.

If you don’t do this now, and you don’t change anything,
and keep trying to “tough it out” and “go it alone” – what
makes you think anything’s going to change?

Remember, to get to someplace you’ve never been,
you MUST do something different – something you’ve
never done.

You MUST up your “game.”

Look –

Your results are limited by your knowledge.

Not only that, they’re limited by your ability to apply
that knowledge.

Furthermore, and this is the part 9 out of 10 “experts”
miss –

You’re limited by knowing WHEN to apply that knowledge,
and when NOT to apply it.

Chances are better than good that if you’re not seeing
the results you want, you’re lacking knowledge.

Do yourself a favor:

Stop going it alone. 

All the great “high achievers” get help – they all have

It’s time to up your game and get off the hamster wheel
of “disappointing results.”

Enroll in the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching
program now.

I’m closing registration down tomorrow night.

And just like the last time I opened registration, I won’t
re-open it again for another 8 months.

8 months.

That’s a long time to wait.

Get in now while you still can.

Hope to see you inside.


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