Most Overlooked Strength AND Fat Loss Method

We pay this one “lip service” but we don’t really understand it.

You probably know it as the Swing or the Snatch – in another
word – Ballistics – but here’s what it really is –

The second requirement or part of the 3 part equation for
gaining strength and or losing fat:

It’s Training Explosively.

Sure, sure, you do your 1000 swings a day – but let me ask you
this – how EXPLOSIVE are you making them?

Cause for a lot of reps, I’m betting the answer is more like
“I’m just trying to get my numbers in man!”

See, when you train explosively – really driving each and every
rep with everything you’ve got in you, then you’re using those
same Type 2b/2x muscle fibers that you used when you were
lifting heavy – creating tension.

So you are burning a ton of energy.

That’s why it works for fat loss.

Oh yeah, and there’s the whole “better glucose utilization” and
“increased insulin sensitivity” thing.

That’s right – the more explosive work you do, the better your
body can use carbohydrates.

And yes, you are correct, the more of them you can eat.

(Delicious! Kind of like all those home-cooked steak fries my
wife made last night to go with the 1.5 pounds of roast beef
I ate. Mmmmmmm…..)

Now here’s how it makes you stronger:

Dr Fred Hatfield in his book, “Power,” talked about something
called CAT – Compensatory Acceleration Training.

Quite simply it was moving a weight – EXPLODING – with it
through an entire range of motion.


Because through any movement your leverage changes
and therefore your force production naturally (subconsciously)

For example, in a squat, you generate the most force getting
out of the hole and just below 90 degrees at the knee to
get over your sticking points.

Dr Squat, as he’s famously known (first man to squat over
1000 pounds) uses CAT to fully recruit as many of the Type
2b/2x muscle fibers as possible.

Not only that, but it teaches you to explode when the weights
get heavy. You may not move very fast at that point, but you
will drive through your [former] sticking points.

Think of it this way:

If you wanted to knock down a wall, from where do you have
a better chance of doing it? From standing next to it and pushing
on it, or from a running start and hitting it with all your body

The latter of course.

That’s CAT and that’s the power of exploding each and every
rep. (Excuse the pun.)

Now getting back to your KB ballistics – they are explosive by
nature but to get the most out of them – and I’m saying this
again because it’s that powerful – you should put as much
effort into exploding with each and every rep.

And when you can no longer do so – Stop.

Stop the set.

Obviously this takes practice.

It’d be foolish to start this right away on one of your traditional
longer 20+ reps sets of swings.

You have to dial back the reps first.

Here’s another thing:

You need to make sure your set up and your technique is
correct in order to get the most out of this.

I show you how to “turbocharge” your ballistics by modifying
your technique to be “anatomically correct” – that is – what
your body is designed to do under load – and actually wants
to do if you let it – inside “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

We’ll cover the big 3:

– Head position
– Body position
– Foot position

They all make a big difference in producing as much power as
possible – to get you as strong and lean as possible.

Here’s what else:

You’ll need a program to practice your new explosive swing

I’ve got you covered there with the “One” program and the
“Modifications” that I’ve put together for it. (I personally like
“Modification 2″.)

This will teach you to become very explosive.

Not only that, you’ll get wicked strong, you’re conditioning will
improve, and you’ll even lean out (lose fat) almost on autopilot.

If you want to become stronger, more powerful, and get lean
(virtually without trying), get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!”


Talk soon.


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