Move LESS, STOP Dieting, & Burn MORE Fat?? WTH????? [SCIENTIFIC PROOF]

Yesterday I dropped a bombshell.

In fact, this bombshell will change the way you look at
losing fat forever.



Here’s a recap:

There’s now scientific proof of what I’ve been saying all
along – that when you focus on training your Type 2b muscle
fibers you’ll lose fat at a greater rate than by doing traditional
fat loss workouts – including high rep swing sets.

We no longer have to use deductive logic. (See yesterday’s
email about this.)

Here’s the proof – a study by Y. Izumiya from Boston U.
found that training your type 2b fibers lead to –

“… a reduction in accumulated white adipose tissue…”

Or a decrease in the amount of fat you have.

Cool, huh?

Well here’s Bombshell #2 and the rest of the quote about
training your type 2b muscle fibers –

“… a reduction in accumulated white adipose tissue and
improvements in metabolic parameters independent of
physical activity or changes in the level of food intake.”

(Emphasis mine.)


Just WOW.

Here’s what he just said:

Bombshell #2:

Training your Type 2b fibers –

1. Improves your metabolism - the rate at which your
body uses energy.

Training your Type 2b fibers speeds up your metabolism.

2. Improves your metabolism independent from extra
workouts -

So you don’t have to rely on things like EPOC –
otherwise known as “the Afterburn Effect” and –

You don’t have to rely on getting your heart rate up to burn
off calories.

And –

3. Without changing your diet – or going on a diet!

Are you getting this??


How cool is this??

VERY cool!

So this means that simply by focusing on training your
Type 2b fibers you can – and will – improve the way
your metabolism operates, not have to do extra workouts,
and you don’t have to go on a diet!

(That also explains why you see extremely lean strength
athletes like middleweight powerlifters and Olympic
lifters and gymnasts – all they do is target their Type
2b fibers in their training.)

Here’s something else that’s even cooler –

Here’s how you’re going to implement this.

1. Practice generating tension.

The best way to do that is to use double kettlebells.

2. Lift or move explosively.

Again – the best way to do that is to use double kettlebells.

And the best way to use double kettlebells is to learn how
to use them the right way right from the start.

That’s why you want to get a copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

You’ll learn the BEST ways to generate tension with your
double KBs to access your type 2b fibers.

And you’ll learn a seamless, virtually effortless way to
put your body – and the kettlebells- in positions which
guarantee maximum power output – that you’re as explosive
as possible – the other way to access those Type 2b fibers.

Get “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Here’s what else –

I’m feeling kinda wild and crazy today.

Talking about all this cool research and its implications for
you gets me excited.

That’s why when you order your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!”
today – I’m going to throw in the ONLY kettlebell program in
existence that targets those 2b fibers exclusively to strip off
body fat at the fastest pace possible –

“Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!.”

By targeting Type 2b muscle fibers and some other cool
ninja stuff – people have seen as much as 22 pounds melt
away in only 29 days.


Here’s how you make this “EXTREMELY STRONG!”
package work for you:

1. You order “Kettlebell STRONG!” and receive it in the mail
in 7-10 business days if you live in the US. (15-25 international.)

2. You immediately download “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!”
and read through it so you get a general idea how it works.
(I’ll have to send it to you manually – so hang tight if it’s
not exactly “immediate.”)

3. You then pick a month – only one month – to put yourself
through “EXTREME!”. 30 – 60 days after you get “Kettlebell
STRONG!” would be your best choice.

4. You receive “Kettlebell STRONG!” in the mail, watch the
DVDs and follow along in the manual.

Spend 30-60 days working on your technique – practicing
generating tension and being explosive.

Do phase 1 of the “Strong” program and watch your body
automatically lean out as you get stronger.

5. Then do “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!” for 29 days.

6. After you’ve dropped even more body fat from “EXTREME!”
go back to the “Strong” program and run through the whole
thing. “Short Course” or “Long Course” – your choice.

You’ll be surprised at how much stronger you’ll get with less
body fat. (Remember, increased metabolic parameters –
including more efficient glucose uptake and utilization – sorry –
excited geek speak there – sugar tolerance.)

So there you have it – your next 60-90 days and then some
all laid out for you.

Get your copy of the “EXTREMELY STRONG!” package here.

Tomorrow, we’ll get even more in depth as we look at
Bombshell #3 – how training your Type 2b fibers improves
______ function and what that means for your fat loss.

Cool stuff for sure.

Talk soon.


P.S. Don’t worry if you don’t have immediate access to
“Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!” – I’ll have to manually
send it to you. So you’ll have it by the end of the day today.

Get the “EXTREMELY STRONG!” package here.

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