My Client’s Rotator Cuff Rehab Program – Yours Free! (Details Inside)

We’ve been on the subject of shoulders and shoulder pain
for the last week or so cause it affects pretty much everyone.

Speaking of, I’m off to teach at the RKC Level 2 in 8 days.

One of the requirements to pass is to Press 1/2 your
bodyweight in one hand.

Too bad many people don’t pass cause they hurt their shoulders
trying to get their Press.

Unfortunately, many never give it a second shot cause they
don’t know how to fix their shoulders themselves.

They know a few methods, but not the principles behind the

That’s the difference between success and failure.

And it could be one of the major reasons you’re still having
trouble with your shoulder(s).

So, I’d like to give you the exact program I’ve designed to rehab
my client’s rotator cuff problem. It’s based on specific
principles that I’ve learned over the years and used successfully
with others.

He LOVES it.

He no longer has ANY shoulder discomfort at all and has
regained 80% of the strength he lost.

He feels his muscles working like never before.

(And his wife is noticing how much broader his shoulders
are looking and how big his arms are getting. Not bad for a
“rehab” program…)

You can get your copy of this EXACT program when you read
“why chimpanzees don’t get shoulder pain” over here at the blog:

Not only will you learn how to get your copy of my kettlebell-
specific rotator cuff rehab program (no, not more Get Ups or
GU variations), and learn why chimpanzees don’t get shoulder

… you’ll also learn about my buddy Rick and his cool new
principle-based method he discovered to help people get out
of shoulder pain.

(One of my friends, a World Champ, swears by him.)

Get the full scoop at the ol’ blog:

Talk soon.


P.S. By the way, if you’re having any sort of shoulder pain at
all, this blog post will explain why. You’ll learn a critical concept
that I’ve never heard anybody talk about before.

Check it out –

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