My Favorite “Underachiever” Strength Method

Hey – Happy Sunday.

Perfect day for eggs, bacon, pancakes, and family.

And just resting – lazing around.

That is when there aren’t diapers to be changed, and
kids to be fed and whatnot.

Yesterday we were discussing “underachieving” in your
lifting for faster results.

Here’s my favorite method for doing that -

And it gets you easy gains in strength and when you get
the volume (total number of sets and reps times the weight
you lift) right – it can really pack on some muscle too.

I know this because the guys were making fun of my
“bulging pecs” – he said with an Austrian Ah-nold accent –
yesterday at the OS workshop. And all I’ve been doing is
overhead work and ring dips and what I’m about to reveal
to you is all I’ve been doing…

So here’s what you do:

You find your RM (Rep Max – how many reps you can do
with a given weight) and then do multiple sets with that
weight for low reps – say 50% of that number – staying away
from fatigue.

For example: Let’s say you can get 10 reps on your Clean
+ Press.

You’d do sets of 5.

How many?

Until you get tired.

Then you stop.

See, the key here it to make this feel easy.

That way you’re really working the “skill of strength.”

You’re building up the volume of your skill practice.

It’s one of my favorite ways to program KB strength work
and it works so great because of KB’s fixed weight.

That is, you really get to focus on your technique practice
without worrying about adding weight to the bar like you
would with traditional strength training.

The upside of this is that they mind and the body become
focused on the process, and not the outcome.

Which in turn relieves stress, which in turn frees up your
body to recover faster between workouts.

Kind of a weird way of looking at it I know, but it works

Plus, you can really build the volume up if you want.
(Volume is what builds strength and even muscle.)

Give it a shot – I think you’ll like it.

Being notorious for injuring myself from lifting too heavy,
pushing too hard, and too frequently over the years,
I’ve had to develop this “underachiever” method for
strength training to keep myself making progress.

I rarely let myself go heavy – or “all out” – and when I do
it’s usually after I have a ton of these “underachiever”
workouts under my belt – just for safety’s sake.

However, as good as the “50% Underachiever Method”
is – there is another way I use – an even better way that
I’ve found that leaves me PLENTY of space to see
growth (a.k.a. Results).

And that’s exactly how I’ve programmed the “STRONG!”
program in “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

If you want to make some of the the easiest gains of
your life, then get your copy here.

Have a STRONG Sunday my friend.


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