My “Fun” Workout From Last Weekend’s RKC (INSIDE)

Sorry to not get an update out to you the past
couple of days.

Was busy working launching “Kettlebell Burn
EXTREME!” – an awesome double KB fat loss
program and got backlogged.

(OK, I was kinda lazy too – wanted to spend
some time with my wife and son, so don’t
hate on me…)

Anyway, speaking of double KB work, as you
probably know by now – it’s my preference.

And I ended up doing this variation of one
of my favorite quick workouts.

I only went through once – and there’s an
important lesson to learn here which I’ll
share with you more in a minute.

My normal RKC Weekend workout is a couple
of giant dropsets of C+P’s from the 40s
down to the 24s.

But on Saturday, after barely sleeping for
2 nights, my right shoulder and my left
lower back were feeling kinda funny on the

(IMPORTANT LESSON #1: Listen to your body!)

So instead of doing C+P I did 3 Cleans followed
by 3 FSQs – starting at the 40s.

Again, very little rest over the course of
the weekend – busy and crummy cot to sleep
on in hotel – so I didn’t do “strict” drop

Nope – had to rest.

About 1 minute between drop sets.

(IMPORTANT LESSON #2: Listen to your body!)

So then I rolled on down to the 36s, the 32s,
the 28s, and finally the 24s, which felt
pathetically light.

So there was only a total of 30 reps in the
whole workout and it only took me less than
5 minutes to do, but it was ENOUGH.

Which brings me to IMPORTANT LESSON #3:

Yup, you guessed it –

ALWAYS listen to your body!

Sure, I could’ve “pushed through” on Saturday,
but why?

I’d been on my feet all day teaching and managing
for the last 2 days. I was tired.

You don’t always have to go all out.

And when you’re stressed, you should never go
all out. In fact, when your life is crazy-busy-
hectic-insane, your workouts should be shorter
than you think.

Otherwise you won’t recover and you won’t progress
and you’ll definitely get injured.

So your workouts should match your lifestyle.

They should be “enough” to help you get the
result you’re looking for, but without killing

Yet, how many times have you gone all out
in spite of your body telling you not to.

There are of course ways around this.

More later.

Gotta run.


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