My New 18 Minute Workout (So Cool!)

So I went down to see my good buddy Tim Anderson
yesterday to finish up shooting pix for the manual for
our upcoming workshop.

I love getting to hang out with Tim cause he’s a smart,
smart dude.

Anyway, I’d been milling over some training ideas – really
“out-of-the-box” training ideas – and we were talking
about them over a nice double decaf espresso.

(Yeah, I know – defeats the purpose but I like the taste.)

So long story short, I’ve got a BIG goal for the end of
October for my double KB C+P and I’ve been tinkering
a lot and yesterday afternoon I did more work than I
think I’ve ever done in such a short time period –

I did 103 double Clean and Presses in about 18 minutes.


Did I feel great!

Psychologically, physically, emotionally – and I felt super-
fresh – not burnt out at all. No residual signs of fatigue either.

Sorry – I can’t reveal the actual workout cause it’s part of a
“Master Plan” – which, if it works, and I’m 99% certain it will –
I’ll release later on this year.

But I can tell you this: I ate like a horse all yesterday afternoon
and I woke up leaner and tighter than I have in about the last
month or so. (Been experimenting A LOT with carbs…)


Cause it’s all about applying the appropriate amounts of
stress to your body.

And the fact of the matter is, that shorter workouts will 9 times
out of 10 will produce superior results than longer ones.

(The 1 time is the time where you crush yourself into the ground
with a “test” or something like that.)

And that’s the beauty of the kettlebell – we can use it to
do tremendous volumes of work in such short periods of
time that we don’t have to play by the rules of traditional
strength training.

Just like I did yesterday – I must’ve broken about 5 “thou shalt
nots” of strength training. LOL!

The result?

Stimulation of nervous system to produce strength gains.

(I was really “amped up” afterwards!)

Stimulation of the musculoskeletal system to produce tissue
remodeling. Check.

(Don’t know if you like the “Pump” – but I had a monster one!)

Stimulation of the metabolic pathways to produce increased
metabolic demand for calorie burning. Check.

(Oh yeah – I was huffin’ n’ puffin’ – and had that “warm” feeling
for the rest of the day too.)

What else is there?

Nothing in my book.

You can use shorter workouts to decrease stress, increase
strength, add some muscle (if you want) and hack off a ton
of body fat – if you know how to break the rules.

If not, well, good luck…

Break the rules here:

Talk soon.


P.S. This workout was SO cool – especially when I wrote out
what the cycle was going to look like – I got really excited!

It was so simple – hiding in broad daylight all this time.

Just like these workouts –

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