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Obviously you know that I LOVE kettlebells and I’m guessing you do too, or at least like them a little, otherwise you wouldn’t want to know the secrets to using them.

So here’s the biggest “secret” to kettlebell training and workouts of them all:

If you want to make all your workouts better, and want to see near instantaneous strength gains, then you need to restore your reflexive strength.

What’s that?

It’s your body’s subconscious and automatic ability to anticipate movement before it occurs and its ability to use the right muscles at the right times with the right force to accomplish the task.

It’s the opposite of the high tension techniques we teach in the kettlebell world.

Why’s it so important?

Without it you can’t move the way you’re designed to move.

And without it, you develop movement compensations. And those are what cause all those tight, sore, and stiff muscles.

I cover reflexive strength and how to regain yours in my new book, Pressing RESET: Original Strength Reloaded.

And yes, it’s a rewrite of the “original” Original Strength that Tim Anderson and I wrote back in 2013.

Why the rewrite/update?

Because we needed to.

There’s so much we’ve learned in the last two years from our conversations and teaching workshops around the world.

And we wanted to pass that knowledge on to you. Pressing Reset… is essentially a complete re-write of the original.

Sure, we still have the Big 5 RESETs in there, but we include a fair amount more of the “why” behind the reasons they work. (Especially the Neck Nods.)

Plus, many people wonder how this simple, easy-to-use information can work for them – for you.

So we’ve included many people’s personal stories of restoration in each section.

For example –

“In using the Original Strength Resets, we have found that adding cross-crawls, even while sitting, will help to reinforce the balance and coordination gains we are making in therapy. It is safe, it can be easily made more or less challenging, and it isn’t physically taxing to the patient.

In clinic, we have seen some of the most drastic improvements in the patients who have Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement. It often affects walking, balance, coordination and speech. As Parkinson’s disease progresses, so do the symptoms. The hope with therapy, is to slow down the progression and maintain the status quo. Improvement is not much of a consideration. However, with the addition of cross-crawls, even while sitting, we have seen patients improve with their standardized balance testing.

Barbara is a 85 year old female who has a history of back pain and knee pain. Late in 2014 she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. “I was very troubled by what I heard when I was got my diagnosis. Along with my concern of falling, I was worried I would no longer be able to continue coordinating ministry here in my community or enjoy activities with my friends.” Her initial Tinetti score was 7/28, a 75% disability. Her most recent Tinetti Balance score was 21/28 which is an improvement of 300%! All while having a progressive disease where maintaining physical skill is considered success and advancement is rare. There have been no changes in medication, and very few changes in her therapy program from her previous interactions with physical therapists with the exception of Pressing Reset with cross-crawling both in therapy and at home.

Barbara is pleased with both the physical progress as well as the emotional response. “Not only does it seem to work, it is easy and I can work on it on my own. I have some control again, not many 85 year olds can say that.””

– Chris Stulginsky, PT, Charlotte, NC

Sure, you probably aren’t under the care of a physical therapist and you probably don’t have a degenerative neurological disorder like Parkinson’s Disease.

My point in sharing that with you is simple:

If the Original Strength System can work for someone in a rehabilitative setting, with a major degenerative disease, what can it do you for you?

It surely can and will help you with whatever “issues” you have going on.

It’s really that simple.

I’ve used Original Strength for the last 5 year to rehab and restore my once broken body.

I’m stronger now in many ways than I ever have been and I’m quickly recapturing my peak levels of strength.

My kettlebell training has never felt easier.

And honestly, there isn’t anything I feel I can’t do.

My desire is that you experience the same thing.

If that’s your goal, then I strongly recommend you get your copy of the New Pressing RESET: Original Strength Reloaded here.

Talk soon.


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