My Quick RKC Weekend Workout (Details Inside)

Happy Friday to you!

Just got off the phone with my very good friend,
Brett Jones.

We were discussing what we were currently working
on with our workouts, our goals, etc.

I currently am working on two – both of which
I will accomplish by the RKC in May, in Vienna,
VA, which I’m teaching at.

I’ll tell you about both of them later – one’s
embarrassing and one’s pretty cool (at least
to me).

(Yes, they’re both kettlebell related.)

Anyway, if you have plans this weekend and need
to get a quick workout in, here’s what I have
traditionally done at pretty much every RKC I’ve
taught at over the last 5 years:

You need:

– Multiple pairs of KBs (although singles are fine –
remember, it’s what I do)

– 10 minutes – 15 max

– Some focus

The Workout:

Part 1: Double Clean + Press

– Perform as drop sets from heaviest pair of KBs
to the lightest, which means do one set, then
IMMEDIATELY do another set with the next lighter
set of KBs

2x40kg x3 -> 2x36kg x3 -> 2x32kg x3 -> 2x28kg x3
-> 2x24kg x3 -> (2x20kg x3) that, sometimes not

Rest 2-3 minutes.

Repeat 1-2 more times.

Part 2: Double Front Squat

Same format as above – Drop Sets, usually using
the same weights.

Rest 2-3 minute.

I usually only do this once.

And that’s it.

It usually only takes 10 – 15 minutes TOPS and
it’s all I NEED to do for the weekend. (I’ll
usually do that Friday at lunch.)

Now like I mentioned, you don’t NEED multiple
pairs of KBs – and you CAN do this with single
KBs – alternating between hands.

The point is that it’s quick, effective, and

1) Help you get your workout in (and feel like
you got a good workout in)


2) Help make you stronger by not exhausting your
energy and hormonal reserves.

Give that a shot this weekend – maybe tonite
after work before you hit the town.

Just don’t blame me if you’re still sweating after
your shower, ok?

Talk soon.


P.S. If you liked that workout, you can get
over 50 short workout programs like that one
by clicking here.

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