My Resignation

Just a heads up – thought you should know this:

I resigned my position as a StrongFirst Master Instructor
on Monday evening.



I feel called to take my business “Original Strength” further.
(Actually “our” business – I’m not the sole owner.)

How does this affect you?

It doesn’t.

Just wanted to keep you up to date on current affairs within
our community.

I will still be using KBs.

My clients will still be using KBs (as long as they want to).

And most importantly for you:

I will still be writing my “Kettlebell Secrets” newsletter
approximately 5 days a week, giving you the “deep skill,”
programming, and training insights from deep within the
trenches so you can get faster results with your kettlebell

Speaking of…

It’s always good to review the basics, so…


Keep your head and chest up on your ballistics.

The tendency, especially on the 2H swing is to let your
chest collapse and your shoulders roll forward on the

This has a tendency to make you round your lower back.

Lower back rounding + KBs = Lower back injury.

So don’t do it!

This tendency will also be to drop your chest on the
doubles work.

Keep your head up and your chest up. Eyes on the

This will put an arch in your back.

“Don’t you want to maintain a neutral spine?”


(If you want to know why, I go into great detail inside
“Kettlebell STRONG!” and why it’s the opposite of
what everybody is saying today.)
An arch is the strongest weight bearing structure found
in nature.

Plus, you want to look at what the best in the world do
naturally and to a certain extent, mimic that. Or at least
apply what you can.

The best power athletes in the world are Olympic lifters

Look at this starting position:

Now here’s the KB equivalent.

Make sure your set up looks like that and you’ll have
more power on the backswing, and therefore a stronger,
more explosive swing/clean/snatch/high pull.

For more info on advanced KB training technique, get

Talk soon.


P.S. If your backswing looks like this you’re definitely
on the wrong track – LOL.

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