My Wife’s Secret Obsession [PICS INSIDE]

I hope my wife doesn’t kill me for writing this (sorry honey)
but I thought you might find this helpful – kind of a “what
not to do.”

Ok, so here I am, tattling on my wife… (Too funny)

Here’s what’s up:

Ever since she got pregnant with our son, she has been a
Health NUT.

And not your vegan-raw food-juicing run of the mill health
nut either.


I’m talking like Crusader Health Nut.

Like Anti-Big Food, Non-GMO, Organic, Free Range, Grass-Fed
(not finished) Certified Grade-A Health Nut.

Truth be told, at first, I thought she was going a little overboard –

Falling prey to scare tactics and conspiracy theories. After all,
she was pregnant and you know how emotional pregnant
women get.

Then I watched “Food Inc” one night while she was gone.

And I was appalled.

Two words: Pink Sludge

Yeah – get this – the meat industry was having it’s hamburger
“washed” in ammonia to kill bacteria.

(Why, yes, you’re right, ammonia IS poisonous!)

And then companies like McDonald’s and our public schools
were buying this crap and feeding it to us and our loved ones.

Then there’s Joel Salatin – a farmer in Virginia.

The Dept of Agriculture comes in and tells him he can’t butcher
his livestock in the open air on his own farm – it’s a health risk.

So he challenges them to do a bacteriological test –

His way – the natural healthy way versus the way they want
him to do it – like at a butcher shop.

The tests come back and the supposed healthy way – the
way they do it in traditional meat packing plants and grocery
butcher shops has literally 1000 times more bacteria PPM –
parts per million.

Anyway, that’s just two of the many examples.

Then I think to myself, “Man, this stuff is getting kind of crazy.
What happened to just eating healthy?”

So, we decide that all the traditional meats and veggies
are out – only grass fed local organic.

It’s good for a mom-to-be and good for the growing baby
inside her.

Fast-forward 3 years, and organic stuff is the only thing
our boy has ever eaten.

It must be working for him – he’s smart as a whip (Of course –
who’s kid isn’t, right?) and check out this picture of him
from behind –

Look at the V-taper and all those ripply muscles!

(And that pic is about a month old – you should see how
thick his thighs are! Monster!)

Yup, high quality food and I’m sure some good genetics –
after all, his mom was doing pull-ups when she was 40
weeks pregnant.

Why am I sharing all this with you?

I’ll tell you in a minute – hold on – but first –

I thought it was bad before – but now apparently it’s even

Now I can’t even “enjoy” my eggs.


Apparently “free range” doesn’t mean anything anymore.

Apparently your eggs need to be “Cage free, pasture raised,
or something like that.

And apparently, your egg yolks aren’t supposed to be yellow!

Nope – they’re supposed to be dark yellow to orange.
(Come to think of it, that’s how they were 30 years ago
in England. Hmmm….)

That’s a healthy, vitamin and mineral-rich egg yolk.

And – traditional eggs, from “chicken farms”

Anyway, there’s some really scary stuff going on “out there”
in the “food industry” right now.

And the really scary thing is that our very food sources are
being modified and manipulated to get us to eat more of it.

(Food science, anyone?)

And the point of that is, if you’re struggling with your weight,
can’t seem to shake off that excess fat, it turns out, that to a
certain degree – and I shudder to say this lest you think I’ve
gone all soft in the head – it might not be your fault.

The food industry has literally been poisoning us – turning
normal food into “franken-foods” – that literally change the
way our bodies use that food.

Yeah, yeah, sounds like some kind of conspiracy theory,
I know so check this out (courtesy my friend, the “Nutrition
Nerd,” Nick Pineault):

Anyway, what no one told us is that in many cases, our
bodies store this “franken-food” as fat.

Not to mention all the pesticides – a.k.a poisons – that we
consume in our “regular” food sources – that our bodies
have a hard time eliminating –

So the body in its intuitive wisdom takes those toxins out
of the blood stream and stores them away from the vital
organs – you know – the ones we need to live – heart, lungs,
liver, kidneys – and stores it as – yup – you guessed it – FAT.

What kind of difference does all this REALLY make?

Here are two “anecdotal” proofs for you:

1. 5 years ago my Dad had one of his kidneys removed
due to cancer.

But get this – not just one cancer – THREE different types –
one wrapped inside the other around the other. Like a
nesting doll.


Agent Orange. The deforestation agent they sprayed on
the jungles in Vietnam.

All those “-cides” – pesticides, herbicides – all toxic. That’s
why people wear hazmat suits when spraying it. The results
of exposure may not show up for years – or 40 in my Dad’s

2. 3 years ago, I took out ALL processed man-made foods –
including, at my wife’s prompting – protein powders and  –

We ONLY ate organic, whole, non-GMO foods.

I dropped to my lowest weight and waist in 20 years focusing
almost exclusively on what kind of foods I ate and when
I ate them

Literally a full detox.

What about workouts?

Zero kettlebell ballistics.

And zero high-intensity training.

It was all about getting healthy again. Seriously healthy. I was
after all going to be a dad.

Did I mention we ate organic? Of course I did. I really believe
it’s THAT important.

We ate and still eat, lots and LOTS of grass fed, pastured,
locally farmed beef.


No growth hormones to speed up the maturation process in
the cattle.

Why should we be concerned about that?

Check this out:

The good news is though that there’s lots of CLA – conjugated
linoleic acid – a fat that actually helps you burn fat in grass-fed,
pastured beef that’s not in grain fed beef. (Not to mention healthy
heart protecting omega-3 fats.)

Why does any of this matter?

I’m sharing all this with you because simply by focusing on

your HEALTH you can lose fat and restore your body’s

natural “workings.”

This makes for a “clean machine” and not only will it lean you out,
but it’ll decrease inflammation and other markers for disease
that your doctor and you care about as you age.

And at the end of the day, that just makes you stronger.

And if you’re stronger, you’re harder to kill
, to quote strength
coach Mark Rippetoe. And that means you’ll live a longer,
fuller life.

Now go enjoy a nice cut of grass fed, pastured steak and
some organic broccoli. Mmmmm…

Talk soon.


P.S. Almost forgot – you’re probably wondering where I got
all this information.

Well a big special thanks to my Canadian friend, the
“Nutrition Nerd,” Nick Pineault, and his fantastic expose,
“The Truth About Fat Burning Foods.”

I can’t recommend this enough if you want to learn the down-n-dirty truth about the food industry scams and
what you really should be eating to regain your health.

P.P.S. And the answer to your question is, No – I haven’t
shown this book to my wife yet because a) it’ll prove that she was right ;-] and b) I don’t want to scare her in case
she hasn’t seen some of the stuff in here – like the info on
pork for example – before the baby’s due.

P.P.P.S. Admittedly, my wife’s secret obsession is now my
secret obsession. I won’t even go to McDonald’s anymore…

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