My Workout Plan For December [DO THIS FOR 2014 GAINS]

Thanks so much for all the well-wishes.

Our daughter Abby was born yesterday at 2:29pm MST.

Happy and healthy.

Both Mom and baby are doing great – although Mom is
pretty exhausted. (She’s sleeping next to me as I write
from our hospital room.)

As you know, I’m a big believer in having “seasons” in
your training. (This time of year should be “Post Season.”)

And one of the biggest mistakes I think people make is
to try and train too aggressively during stressful periods –

Like the first month or so after having a new baby… ;-]

Or during the Holidays when everybody’s rushing to and
fro with the hustle and bustle associated with the time of

That’s why my workout plan for December is very simple:

AM – 5-10 minutes of Original Strength

PM – 10-30 minutes of technique work or more OS work.

That’s it.

The AM is just to get me moving – shake off the dust and
get my mind ready for the day.

The PM work is just maintenance and refining.

Sharpening the blade, so-to-speak.

I’m using big-bang -for-your -buck exercises so that when
the New Year comes and it’s “Go Time” – I’ll be ready.

Ready to be leaner and stronger in 2014 than I was in 2013.

What about you?

Are you still trying to juggle “getting your workout in”

with all the demands placed on you this time of year?
Or are you going to downshift to sanity and focus on short,
technique based workouts to line yourself up for a big
launch in the New Year?

I recommend you simply practice your KB technique work
about 20 minutes a day.

That way, when it’s time to work, you’ll be able to do more
of it – and see faster results – strength, fat loss, conditioning…

The goal doesn’t matter…

… Results in each area are all based on being able to do
more and more high quality work.

And “high quality” can only come from practice – dialing
in your technique.

What’s that?

You’re not 100% certain about the double KB exercise

You will be when you get the 3.5+ hour set of “Kettlebell
STRONG!” DVDs that include not only the correct techniques,
but also common mistakes and limitations. (Actually, those
are in the book that comes with the DVDs.)

Dial in your double KB technique work here:

Gotta run – the nurse is babysitting and is due back in a
few minutes…


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