Nasty KB Mistake That GUARANTEES Injury & Frustration

Hey – Sorry I didn’t get this out to you yesterday like I said
I would – got tied up (not literally) and just ran out of time.

We’ve been talking about the 5 Destructive Workout Traps
this week and how you can side-step them.

And let me tell you – you DO NOT want to get caught in

It’s nasty.

I mean –


Every time I’ve gotten injured from working out I can trace
it back to this.

Every. Time.

And my bet is that if you’ve ever gotten injured working out
– and most people have (If you haven’t you’re either doing
something right or very, very lucky) – it’s from doing this.

Workout Trap #4: Training To Failure / Pushing Too Hard

First, you may think that you’re not doing this – so let me
define exactly what I mean by “failure” as my coach taught

“Failure” is NOT the point where you can no longer do any
reps like so many people think.


It’s the point where your technique breaks.

And right before that it’s the point where your speed of
movement slows down.

Here’s what most people do – probably even you:

(Hey – I’m NOT pointing fingers – I’ve done this so many
times it’s not even funny. I did however FINALLY learn my
lesson which is why we’re covering it today.)

They get some reps in, and fatigue starts to accumulate
so their speed drops.

Being brainwashed by the ever-popular but ever-wrong
“fitness mafia” – they keep going.

So now your speed has dropped and although you can
technically-speaking keep going (bro – it’s all you!) –
your form starts to break.

You keep going because, you like me, make the mistake
that somehow you’re “tough” if you do –

Or that somehow you get some kind of magical benefit
from doing so.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong!

The only thing you will get is tired and injured.

If you haven’t yet, keep going – you’re time draws nigh.

Now, if you don’t want to get injured, and spend, days,
weeks, months, even years frustrated trying to rehab
yourself (like I did) here’s what you should do:

1. Never train to failure. NEVER.

Sure, some of the science says that you get stronger and
even grow some muscle by going to failure.

But I’ve researched this:

That’s SOME of the science. The other science contradicts

Training to failure when you’re someone who has what
I call “a life” – that is, a 40-60 a week job, a mortgage, maybe
a car payment, kids (You get the picture) – takes WAY more
from you than it gives.

It zaps your ability to recover (read: make progress) and
piles more stress on your body – adding to what you
already have.

This affects every other area of your life – negatively.

2. ALWAYS stop your set when your rep speed drops.

Ok, maybe not ALWAYS – here’s the work-around:

Give yourself only one more rep to see if you can get your
speed back up.

If you can’t, you’re done.

Why stop?

Because you’ve hit technical failure.

You no longer meet the requirements for high quality reps.

Instead, you’re performing “junk reps” and altering the
mechanics of the exercise and using the wrong muscles at
the wrong times.

(Well maybe not the first slower rep, but you will if you
keep pushing to true absolute failure – where you can
no longer lift the weight.)

You can get away with junk reps as a teenager.

Not so much as an adult.

How then should you train?

3. Use multiple low rep sets.


Three reasons:

1) Because you can keep the speed up on your weights.

This keeps force production high along with the quality
of work.

Counterintuitively, this is where your best gains are made.

2) You can manage fatigue.

This means you can recover.

Recovery = Results.

Pretty simple.

3) Multiple low rep sets are one of the best ways to increase
your volume (work) which is one of the best ways to increase
your strength (and your muscle), and even –

Your fat loss.

(More on that some other time – but if you’ve followed my
work for any length of time you know that I favor strength
training for fat loss – completely the opposite of what “the
Industry” says.)

So how do you put together a program that avoids training
to failure with multiple sets so you can get rapid increases
in strength, body composition, and conditioning?

You don’t. You have other more important things to do
like spend time with your family or work or whatever.

That’s why I put together “Kettlebell STRONG!” for you.

Inside you’ll find not only the best techniques to make
your double kettlebell training easier and the bells
feel lighter –

You’ll also find two programs that will rapidly increase your
strength and conditioning –

The “STRONG!” program which will show you how to own
the double clean + press – the BEST exercise for overall
total body usable strength, and –

The “One” program, which will deliver phenomenal conditioning
results in 10 minutes or less.

Both guarantee progress without having to go near failure.

Don’t fall into the “Failure Trap” – get “Kettlebell STRONG!”

Talk soon.


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