NEVER Do This KB Squat

Yesterday we took Michael over to Eno River
State Park and went hiking. He was on my back
in the Ergo with his dinosaur hat on.

We walked for about 25 minutes and got down
to the river.

My wife looked across the river and saw a little
guy squatting down examining some rocks or
something and asked me how old I thought he

“2 or 3″ I replied, looking at this little boy in a
PERFECT squat position.

Well, almost perfect. It was perfect for what he
was doing and how he was doing it –

He was looking at the ground and his legs were
folded over on themselves with his butt resting on
his ankles and his torso on his legs.

And that was great – for what it was. He was
examining something on the ground in front of

But you should NEVER squat with a KB that way.


(Sure, it’s fine UNLOADED, but not UNDER load.)

You want to maintain a neutral position in your
lower back and keep your head and eyes at
least forward.

You just don’t want that lower back to round, no
matter how pressurized you think you’re keeping
your abs.

We used to think it was ok, as long as you could
maintain that pressurization – but thanks to Dr.
McGill’s work, we’ve revised our stance. (Pun

According to his research, there’s just too much
risk on the lumbar spine for the average person.

So only go as low as your body will let you with a
flat lower back.

Now just in case you think you know this, so do
the hundreds of fitness professionals who show
up each year at the RKC.

You’d be shocked at how many of them we
have to correct because they simply don’t have the
necessary mobility.

So if you don’t know FOR SURE what you look like –
get a video camera out and tape yourself. Then watch it.
(Most phones have them these days.)

You may be shocked at what you see or don’t see.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some drills you can use
to find your perfect stance and position, and to
keep your lower back flat – while improving the
strength and power of your Squat.

Talk soon.


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