NEVER Do This Kettlebell “Exercise!”

There’s one kettlebell exercise you should

Not unless of course you want to get strong –

REALLY Strong!

Not only that, it will improve your hip
mobility, your core stability and total
abdominal strength.

It will also strengthen your upper back,
your shoulders, your arms, and when you
actually do this exercise correctly, it’ll
even challenge your heart and lungs.

In fact, this exercise is so challenging, so
hard, that World Champion Powerlifter Donnie
Thompson “only” uses a pair of 40kg kettlebells.

What is this “exercise”?

It’s the Double Front Squat (DFSQ).

And it is one exercise that will give you
plenty of “bang for your buck.”

In fact, if you are truly thinking of getting
stronger and upping the ante to playing with
two kettlebells, then the DFSQ should be your
“go-to” exercise.

It should be the one exercise that provides
the foundation for all of your double kettlebell

Just adding it into your program twice a week
will make your entire body strong.

And it will definitely make your Press go up.

Especially if you learn how to do the DFSQ

When you do that, it’ll make your Press seem

You can learn how the Double Front Squat
will increase your Press AND all the necessary
cues to make you feel Rock Solid at my
upcoming “Kettlebell Muscle” workshop.

You’ll also learn my systematic, methodical
approach to making each and every Double Kettlebell
Lift feel light – and you’ll probably even set
some new PRs that day.

(Can’t guarantee that, but about 40% of attendees
usually do.)

The key is getting and setting the foundation
up correctly from the start. It takes some
tweaking, but when you get it – Man! It all
feels great!

You’ll discover the “Power Pyramid” – the
methodical sequence for learning each of the
double kettlebell lifts –

A sequence that is “neurologically priming” –
one where the skill learned in each exercise
applies is build off the skills you learned in
the former and primes the next exercise.

Go ahead and register now.

In the meantime, I challenge you to add in some
heavy DFSQs into your training twice a week.

3×5 the first workout and 3×3 the second –
spaced 72 hours apart. Monday – Thursday is a
good plan.

See what happens.

And then tell me when you see me at the
“Kettlebell Muscle” workshop when we fine-
tune your DFSQ and all the other Double
KB lifts.

Be Stronger,


P.S. I forgot to mention, I’m also going to
show you some of my “performance hacks” –
exercises that make your kettlebell exercises
instantly stronger.

I don’t write about these – I only demonstrate
them live at my workshops. They’re reserved for
serious strength seekers only.

Register now if you fall into the “serious
strength seeker” category.

P.P.S. You can save 10% with the Early Bird
Discount (that’s the cost of dinner). It’s only
good until Midnight Saturday the 25th…

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