[NEW BONUS] Lose More Fat And Get Even Stronger By “Steering” Your Strength

Did you know that most people waste large amounts of
energy while working out with kettlebells?

That energy could be directed to burning more fat.

Or lifting a heavier KB or lifting the same KB for more reps
to get you stronger.

What you need to do is learn how to “steer” your strength.

What’s that mean?

You need to learn where all the “loose” spots are in your
technique – spots that are literally “energy holes” –

Where your muscles should be tight but they’re relaxed.

There’s a sure-fire guaranteed way to fix this –

To learn how to tighten all your muscles at the right times
so you can burn more calories or get stronger.

It’s called “Bottom’s Up” work.

It’s learning how to clean, press, squat, and carry your
KB with the bottom part – the actual bell – in the air instead
of on the back of your rest.

Sounds easy.

It’s not.

It’s wicked hard for most people.

In fact, if you don’t do it right you can smash your face,
smash your forearm, or break your foot – or even worse
(as if smashing your face isn’t bad enough) – trash your
shoulder trying to save a lift gone bad.

The problem is there are very few high quality resources
on how to perform these lifts safely.

I’ve included a whole series of “Bottom’s Up” programs in
Kettlebell Express! Reloaded – your FREE Bonus when
you order Kettlebell Express! ULTRA: Reloaded today.

Here’s what else:

I’m also including ANOTHER FREE Bonus –

A series of video tutorials on performing the Bottom’s Up
kettlebell exercises.

They’ll be available to watch or download on Wednesday,
July 29th.

And they’re ONLY available during this special sale.

So if you’ve ever wanted to know how to perform the Bottom’s
Up kettlebell lifts –

And you want to learn how to use them to increase your
strength and accelerate your fat loss, then get your copy
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Talk soon.


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