New Study “Proves” You Can Lose Stomach Fat WITHOUT Dieting…

I know – it sounds “tabloid like.”

And no, it doesn’t involve taking pills.

A new study was recently published and it validates the “claims” I’ve been making that you don’t need cardio and you don’t even need to “diet” to lose fat.

Specifically, this new research “proved” that strength training –

And a lamely designed strength training program at that –

Has the ability to burn off fat.

But not just any fat – primarily stomach fat.

The study – “A Low-Volume Weight Training Protocol Reduces Abdominal Fat and Increases Muscle Strength in 12 Weeks,” by Martins, Ceschini, Battazza, Rodriguez, João, Bocalini, Charro, & Figueira Junior, in Journal of Exercise Physiology Online (2016)

Found that –

Over the course of a 12-week program that involved 15 men and 15 women, concluded that a low-volume, 12-week strength training program yielded the following:

– a 2.4% decrease in waist circumference,
– a 10.3% reduction in abdominal skinfold,
– a 1.8kg increase in lean body mass, and
– a 2.7kg (4%) reduction in body fat…

Despite only a small reduction in bodyweight.

Again, this is with ZERO dieting –

ONLY strength training.

(More on the “strength” training in a moment.)

The biggest takeaway here is that during this 12-week program, most of the results were obtained during the first 6 weeks and –

The biggest change was without a doubt a 10.3% DECREASE in abdominal skinfold thickness –

A.K.A. – a substantial reduction in stomach fat with no dieting.

That’s pretty big news.

You may be wondering why most of the results occurred within the first 6 weeks.

It’s because of the way the strength training program was “designed.”

Here are the details:

– 3 days per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for workouts lasting around 1 hour, for a 12-week period.

– Each session involved 9 exercises (45-degree leg press, bench press, trunk curl, deadlift, lat pull-downs, hip adduction machine, lateral raises, triceps extensions, and bicep curls)

– Loading Parameters: 3 sets of 8 reps with 85% of 1RM, with a 40-second rest period between sets and exercises.

As you can see, there are a lot isolation exercises in there.

No squatting. Although there are Deadlifts which is good.

And as far as I can tell, the 1RM wasn’t tested every time the participants trained, so I’m assuming they used the same weights or close to them, for the same sets, reps, and rest periods for 12 weeks.

And quite honestly, the 40 seconds rest is rather bothersome.

That’s more like MetCon and not traditional strength training parameters on rest, of 3 to 5 minutes.

And there’s no indication that these were performed either as straight sets or as a circuit.

The programming in my mind is questionable and poorly designed.

However, the loads still tap into the body’s fast-twitch muscle fibers, which, between 2b and 2a, use the majority of the body’s energy (fuel).

So how does this affect you?

As you know, I’m a BIG believer in learning how to use and using the double KB lifts as soon as you’re ready for them.


Because of what this study “proves” –

Which is what I’ve been “preaching” for almost my entire career –

You can lose fat through “just” strength training.

However, it has to be the “right” strength training.

It has to be of the higher intensity variety.

And it has to use “big” exercises –

Multi-joint exercises that use all your muscles in a coordinated fashion. (Although you can use isolation exercises, as the study proves, but this is more time-consuming, and can be done more efficiently applying the correct exercise techniques.)

For example:

In the Double KB Press, you use your shoulders, triceps, and even your biceps when your perform it correctly.

In the Double KB Front Squat, you use every single muscle in your body, but especially your hips, upper legs, lower legs, and your abs.

And those are just the parts that move you.

Your upper body takes a beating just from holding the KBs, even though it’s not moving. (It’s resisting movement.)

And the structure of the “STRONG!” program is based upon approximately 85-87.5% of your 1RM.

That’s right in line with what this study used for intensity level.

Point is –

If you want to lose fat – especially fat off your stomach, whether you’re a man or a woman –

HEAVY total body strength training especially with a pair of KBs is your ticket to success.

You don’t even “have to” diet.

(Although, I will warn you, you can’t eat like complete crap and expect to replicate these types of results. Just eat normally.)

Ready to get off the “fat loss” bandwagon?

Focus on Strength Training using a pair of KBs.

I recommend using “Kettlebell STRONG!.”









Yeah, that’s right – he lost 35 pounds of scale weight strength training.

How much do you want to lose?

Get Strong. Get Lean. Stay Strong.


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