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Happy Saturday.

We were up EARLY – #1 son couldn’t sleep – hungry cause
he wouldn’t eat his dinner.

(I know, I know, welcome to parenthood.)

Got this email from Paul –

“I have Kettlebell Burn Extreme and Kettlebell Ultra Express
from you. Is there anything new for me in Kettlebell Strong?”

So I thought I’d tell you about just some of the new stuff
inside “Kettlebell STRONG!” that you’ve never seen before
and how it’ll help you get stronger faster.

Probably the biggest, baddest stuff is the complete
technical breakdown of the Jerk and it’s troubleshooting.

The Jerk is the hardest of all KB exercises to learn.

You’re probably wondering why you should take the time
to learn the Jerk and what it’ll do for you.

Great questions.

The Jerk improves your power output making you more
explosive. This transfers over to a great many sports.

Not only that, when done for reps, it dramatically improves
your conditioning levels.


Think a Swing on steroids. Yeah, it’s that tough. (More
moving parts – moving through bigger ranges of motion.)

Unfortunately, it requires great timing and athleticism and
it’s something that confuses a lot of people.

I’ve shown you a simple way to remove that confusion.

Here’s what you’ll learn about the Jerk:

– The 3D Method to eliminate confusion between the
Push Press and the Jerk

– The 2 flexibility and mobility tests you need to pass
to safely perform the Jerk without destroying your

– The 4 areas of your body you need to address to ensure
you can Jerk safely with ease (one of them is literally

– The simplest, easiest way to loosen up your hips to
get under the bells in the semi-squat position

– 3 different thoracic mobility drills to unstick your t-spine
and help you fix your KBs overhead

– 2 simple shoulder mobility drills that are often overlooked
and disregarded (one of them I used almost exclusively 15
years ago to rehab a wrestler’s shoulders and take his
close-grip bench press within 20lbs of his best wide grip

– 3 simple technique drills that make the Jerk easy to learn,
and easy to practice – especially when you put them in this

Ok, so that’s just the Jerk.

By the time you get through this portion of “Kettlebell
STRONG!” you’ll have no problem jerking ever again.

(Well, assuming you actually practice what you learn.)

I’ve also included TWO New training programs -

The “Strong” program – which is a 3-phase, 29 week
strength-building program using what I consider to be
the #1 kettlebell strength-building exercise.

It’s designed to make the heaviest pair of KBs feel light.

Phase 1 is a pure strength program.

Phase 2 is a work capacity / hypertrophy program,
depending on how you eat. And you have 2 choices
within this phase –

“The Short Course” – which is a 4-6 week cycle or
the “Slow and Steady” – which is a 16-24 week cycle –
depending on how you’re recovery is and whether or
not you train 2 or 3 days a week.

Finally, Phase 3 is just nasty – you train to improve your
conditioning and/or for fat loss. This is 5-8 weeks long,
again, depending on whether you train 2 or 3 times
per week.

(Remember, by the time you hit this phase, you’ll be
using KBs that were once heavy for you.)

And then there’s the “One” program.

This sucker’s just plain brutal.

And I’ve only shared it in one venue before – as part
of my Program Design lecture at the April 2012 RKC
in Vienna, VA.

And when the candidates got the gist of the program,
I asked them how strong and well conditioned they
would be if they could do this program with a pair
of Beasts.

Their eyes bulged when the realization of how powerful
this program hit them.

The same thing will happen to you.

I’ll show you how to take a pair of KBs and use them
for a maximum of 30 minutes per week and get in
SICK shape –

– Your conditioning will go through the roof

– Your strength levels will go nuts

– And your body fat will no longer have any place to
hang out – especially if you use one of my eating plans

And, I’ll show you how to combine the Strong program
with the One program for maximum benefits in strength
and conditioning.

So, that’s some the new stuff inside “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

The other stuff is all the technical nuances I’ve discovered
over the past 3 years like –

The best grip to use on ballistics (There are 4 common
grips – and I have my favorite – it’ll surprise you when
you feel how easy the bells move once you implement
this – AND you’ll get one of those “a-ha” moments of
why you always struggled with some of your other lifts.)

Optimum foot positioning for increased power on the
ballistics (This literally adds reps almost effortlessly to
your ballistics and sets up any overhead work beautifully)

The importance of head and neck position and why it’s
the OPPOSITE of the trend in the industry right now
(I’ve seen this make people INSTANTLY stronger once
they apply this. Not only that, but I’ve corrected SO MANY
technique errors on RKC / SFG assistants by “making”
them use this.)

– And, well, to be honest, this email’s getting too long
and there’s really a ton more stuff inside now that I think
about it.

Anyway, it’s all wrapped up in a 2 DVD set – nearly 4 hours
long and an 89 page fluff and filler free book.

Get your copy here.

Gotta run – busy day planned.


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