“Next Level” KB Training?

Many of us – maybe even you – are always looking to take
our game to that proverbial and sometimes elusive Next

Be it our careers, hobbies, personal relationships, education,
or whatever, if you search for it, you can always find a Next
Level for pretty much whatever it is you’re interested in.

There’s a Next Level in kettlebell training too.

In fact, there are many levels, but one stands out – the top tier.

Before we get there, let’s look at the 5 levels of KB training
so you can accurately identify where you are, and how to
get where you want to be.

Level 1: Beginner

Either unfamiliar with any kettlebell exercises and training or
somewhat competent with some of the basic single KB

Your goal should be to refine your Swing technique and
then move on from there.

Level 2: Advanced Beginner

You’re familiar – even pretty darn good with the Swing and
you know what the other 5 KB exercises are.

Your goal should be to become proficient with the Big 6
single KB lifts:

1. Swing
2. Get Up
3. Press
4. Clean
5. Goblet Squat
6. Snatch

There’s a LOT of gold to mine there in them hills, so don’t
rush it.

Level 3: Intermediate

You’re proficient at all the single KB lifts and might have
tried your hand at some of the double KB lifts.

Your goal is to start really practicing your double KB skills
and maintain your single KB mojo.

Level 4: Advanced Intermediate

You’ve got one or more 5 minute Snatch Tests under your
belt. And you’ve been playing with the double KB lifts.

Now it’s time to up your game. Get back in your corner
and dig into the double KB Front Squat, Clean, and Press
and don’t come out until you’re done.

Spend A LOT of time with “just” those 3 lifts and you’ll
be rewarded with a densely muscular and powerfully
conditioned body. (If you like that sort of thing. ;-] )

Level 5: Advanced

You’ve been using KBs for quite some time. You’re familiar
with the doubles work, especially the Front Squat, the Press,
and the Clean.

Now it’s time to fly in some rare air and start digging into Jerk

This is that top tier I alluded to earlier. This is where so
much of the “magic” of kettlebell training happens.

To start with, “just” practice the Jerk – a lot – for all
it’s benefits.

Increased cardiovascular conditioning, accelerated fat loss,
and explosive strength.

(That for many is a “workout” in and of itself.)

Then add in Cleans and do the Clean + Jerk – and do it for reps,
like they do in kettlebell sport.

Multiple sets for multiple reps is best.

(This is like Swings on steroids.)

You don’t need to use sport technique either. In fact, you
shouldn’t if you really want to see the transformative effects
of the kettlebell on your body.

If you’ve found yourself in Levels 3 thru 5, then make sure
you know what you’re doing with the double KB lifts.

Know how to perform each of them for maximum efficiency,
power output, and even caloric expenditure.

And know how to identify your mistakes and more importantly,
how to correct them.

You’ll find the keys to advancing your strength, stamina, fat
loss, and confidence inside “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

Take your kettlebell training to the Next Level –

Get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here today.

See you at Level 5.


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