Nonsense… Sheer Nonsense I Tell Ya!

What’s the point?


I mean seriously, why bother?

I’m normally a “” kinda guy but this stupidity
has just gotta stop.


Look, if you’re going to use the dang kettleballz, they better
be worth picking up.

Don’t try to sell me some kinda informercial fitness model
“Celebrity Trainer” hype with fancy sounding names like
“disco gunslinger” or some such nonsense.

Don’t coat the dang thing in bright green vinyl with sparkleslive and let live
on it.

And don’t tell me – for the LOVE OF PETE – DON’T tell me
it weighs ONLY 4LBS!

Cause that’s just a paperweight!

Sheesh! My grandmother’s purse weighed more than that!

And worse yet, don’t insult my intelligence by “designing” a
“Kick A$$” workout that looks the same as your “cardio
pump-n-tone” dvd but you use your 4lbs kettlebell instead of
a dumbbell.

And sure as heck don’t waste my time by doing millions of
reps for close to an hour trying to get me to “feel the burn.”


Look, wanna-be kettlebell dvd pimp, the kettlebell is a tool,
sure, but it’s WAYYYYYY MORE than that if you know what
the H-E-double-hockey-sticks you’re doing.

(And you don’t.)

For those who really “drink the Kool-Aid” the KB provides
the most time efficient freakin’ workout on the planet.

Listen, Mr. Wristbands, do this “workout” and tell me how
much you “feel the burn” afterwards –

Grab a 106lbs kettlebell – here borrow mine if you can even
pick it up – and do sets of 20 two hand Swings.

Yeah – “only” 20 – and, sure, “only” chest high – and do “just” 5
sets of them. And do them with a whole minute of rest between

And after you’ve coughed up your lung and hopefully you’re
lunch, you’ll take your piece o’ junk workout off the shelves
of the big box stores where you’re trying to scam people.

But hey, I’m not trying to take money out of your pocket – you
can still sell your other junky fitness dvds.

But if you insist on selling “kettlebell workouts,” sign up as my
affiliate and sell REAL kettlebell PROGRAMS that actually help
people get results using the proper sized kettlebells, the
right kettlebell exercises, and intelligent program design –

Kettlebell PROGRAMS like these –

I’m outta here.


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