Not All KB Exercises Are Created Equal…

Real quick one for you today…

So you started using KBs for workout simplicity and efficiency.


Me too.

If you’re really trying to get work done with minimal thought –

You need to know that not all KB exercises are created equal
or have the same outcome at the same time for the same people.

Case in point:

The Get Up.

Great for rehab work on the shoulders, but personally, it
never made my press stronger, which, it is often claimed
to do.

Just goes to show that we all will need different options at
different times to achieve our goals.

Anyway, here are some KB exercises for you to give you the
biggest-bang-for-your-buck based on your goals.

Single KB work.

1. Sore / Bum shoulders?

Get Ups and Swings for a season

2. Sore / Weak Low back?

See #1.

3. Clean bill of health?

Clean + Press, Goblet Squats, Snatches

4. Maximum conditioning?

Snatches. LOTS of snatches.

Double KB Work.

(Either mixed-matched KBs or true pairs)

1. Total-body strength?

Front Squat, Presses, Clean + Presses

2. Muscle and strength?

Clean + Presses, Clean + Push Presses, Clean + Jerks

3. Conditioning?

Swings, Snatches, Clean + Jerks

4. Sore / Bum shoulders but still want to do doubles?

Front Squats, Front Squats, and more Front Squats.

5. Time-efficient fat loss [and simultaneous muscle gain]?

Complexes with the doubles.

Make sure you know proper double KB technique.

It’s all laid out in depth for you inside the 3.5 hours of
video and 89 page filler-and-fluff-free manual inside
“Kettlebell STRONG!”.

Get your copy here.

Talk soon.


P.S. If you want “big-bang-for-your-buck” no-nonsense
program design for strength and conditioning, you’ll find
it inside “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

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