Not-So-Rapid Fat Loss…? [3 Templates]

I like things fast.

At least I think I still do.

When I was younger I drove fast, rode my bike fast,
exploded up stairs, and crammed last minute for just
about everything.

These days I guess I like the idea of fast…

The reality is, at age 42, things are different than they
were at 24.

Nowadays I prefer…


Sure, I’ll still take the fast gains – the fast results from
my training.

But what I’d rather have is the assurance that things –

Specifically, my results in my strength training – be it
training for strength or fat loss –

Are consistent.



I’d rather take a little while longer to get stronger than
have a big burst in strength like I did when I was younger
only to watch it slowly fade away through stress, lack
of frequency, and in my case, injury.

Fat loss to me is the same way now.

I LOVE the idea of rapid fat loss.

It works over and over and over again when applied by
the right people in the right circumstances (low-stress)
of life.

But for the rest of us…

A “sensible” approach is more in order.

… Something that we can “live with” that doesn’t take
us too far outside of our comfort zone.

For that I prefer moderate eating and good ol’ fashioned
heavy strength training with episodic conditioning.

Here’s are 3 tested and true templates that work every time:

#1: 4 Days A Week

Days 1 and 4: Strength

Days 2 and 5: Conditioning

Days 3,6, and 7: Off

Heavy grinds (especially doubles) are in order for strength

Use medium ballistics on conditioning days.

#2: The 3-Day S-C-S Template

Perform this 3 non-consecutive days a week.

Days 1 and 5 are Strength (S).

Day 3 is Conditioning (C).

Days 2,4, and 6 are off.

We used this sometimes at Rutgers with some of the teams.

Works great with limited time and energy.

Obviously strength is the priority here over conditioning, but
the conditioning still gets done.

#3: The A/B Split

This is one of my favorites and I use it practically ALL the
time in various forms.

For our purposes, we’ll simply call Workout A a strength
program and Workout B a conditioning program.

We’ll alternate workouts and train 3 non-consecutive days
a week.

Each workout will be performed 3 times (thrice for you Olde
English speaking folk) in a 2 week period.

Here’s how it plays out:

Week 1:

Day 1: Workout A
Day 3: Workout B
Day 5: Workout A

Week 2:

Day 1: Workout B
Day 3: Workout A
Day 5: Workout B

Once again, these types of programs breed consistency.

And as long as your diet is in order (aka: Eating clean like an
adult instead of “whatever you want” like a child), then as long
as your output is high enough, you’ll lean out, and get stronger
and more muscular over time.

All that begs a question:

What workout / training program should you do to ensure
consistent (and measurable) results?

I strongly recommend the “STRONG!” program for your
strength needs and the “One” program for your conditioning

Both can be repeated without burning out.

And you can (and should) plug both into one of the 3 templates
I gave you.

When you do, several things will happen to you:

+ You’ll definitely get stronger.

+ You’ll definitely get better conditioned.

+ And you’ll definitely get leaner.

All it takes is some time and consistency.

Get the “STRONG!” program and the “One” program here.

Talk soon.


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