Obscure KB Fat Loss Method?

I miss my dog.

That crazy canine chewed a hole in our wooden gate and ran
away about 6 months after we moved, which was so strange,
because for the first time in his life he had a back yard.

Even though my little boy was only 2 at the time, he still
remembers Jake and often asks if we can get another dog,
like Jake.

I used to get up really early and Jake and I would go for
a walk. He loved it. Before the world was up we’d be out
walking – regardless of weather – for anywhere between 20
and 60 minutes, sometimes longer – depending on the day.

Sundays were sometimes our really long walk – where we’d
be gone for up to 2 hours.

He loved it.

I loved it.

Talk about stress relief.

I was able to process pretty much all the things on my mind
and have solutions or was close to having solutions to many
of my “problems.”

Funny how we overlook the obvious.

Wanna lose a ton of fat and not kill yourself in the process?

It’s very, very simple.

Here’s what you do:

1. Use low intensity exercise on a near daily basis like 

Walk for 20 to 30 minutes a day, first thing in the
morning or after dinner. I prefer mornings.

2. Train with a pair of moderately heavy to heavy kettlebells 
    3 to 4 days a week.

That’s “it.”

So simple to do.

So easy to manage.

Make sure that you’re using heavy enough load with your

For best results, start with a 5RM (5 rep max) and spend
a couple of months “owning” them.

What does that mean?

Make them feel easy and light.

For example, when you work through the 3 phases of
“Kettlebell STRONG!” you’ll end up doing 60 reps with your
old 5RM.

And it’ll feel light.

Here’s how I set up the program for you:

Phase 1: Pure Strength

+ This phase is 24 workouts long and will have you working
up to doing 30 reps with your old 5RM.

Phase 2: Work Capacity

There are 2 choices for you here –

+ The “Short Course” – a 12 workout micro-cycle that
works you up to doing 60 reps with your old 5RM in
only 12 short workouts –


+ The “Slow and Steady” (my personal preference) – a
16 week cycle that also takes you up to 60 reps with
your old 5RM, but allows for greater adaptation.

Phase 3: Conditioning / Fat Loss

This phase is optional and is extremely challenging.

Here you learn how to manage fatigue and end up taking
that same 60 reps you did with your old 5RM and challenge
yourself to do them in less and less time each workout.

Eventually you end up doing those 60 reps in HALF the
time you used to do them.

Pretty cool.

You pair the heavy double kettlebell lifting as outlined in
“Kettlebell STRONG!” with 20 to 30 minutes of daily
walking and you’ll change the shape of your body –

Stronger and leaner – without killing yourself.

Pretty sweet.

Talk soon.


P.S. This method of combining heavy double KB lifting
with daily low intensity walking is a long term project.

It’s NOT a rapid fat loss plan.

It’s a slow, steady, and sane method for achieving long
term results.

So if you decide to go this route, just make sure you
know what you’re getting yourself into. It’ll take some
time to see the results – but when you do you’ll be

Best part – as long as you keep doing this –

As long as you embrace it and make it a lifestyle choice
you’ll get and STAY really lean.

When I did this, I stayed REALLY lean. 

Makes me miss my dog…

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