Of Cockroaches And Kettlebells (Funny Story)

I heard two loud screams this morning from the kitchen while I was
upstairs reading.

I was trying to process the first one cause it didn’t sound like an
Emergency Scream – you know – like an “I just chopped off my
finger” type scream when the second one let loose.

Not wanting to be too late to what could’ve been a potentially bad
scene I exploded out of the bedroom, bounded down the stairs,
leaping the baby gate and tore into the kitchen.

The scene?

My beautiful wife standing in her shorts, sweatpants on the floor,
frantically wiping off her legs.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“I felt something on my leg and when I took off my pants – THAT
fell out!”


“THAT – that half smooshed cockroach – over there on the floor.”

I looked and in the middle of the kitchen was a cockroach on its
back, with half its guts hanging out, kicking its legs in the air.

I just smiled.

“Don’t just stand there looking at it – KILL it!”, exclaimed my wife.

In the mean time, my son is mimicking his Mommy shrieking at the
top of his lungs and laughing.

So, I did what any good husband would do –

I picked it up, half-dead, guts-hanging-out and wiggled it just
inches from her nose…

No You Didn’t!

Just Kidding! Of course I didn’t!

Instead, I snatched the little beastie up in a napkin and quickly
disposed of it.

Anyway, this got me thinking – if this were a REAL emergency,
could I have acted any faster?

Probably not.

The really cool part about this whole experience was actually
how fast – how EXPLOSIVE I felt – getting from the bedroom
to the kitchen and how fast it felt…

… With ZERO residual knee or hip pain from coming down the
steps and jumping over the gate.

How bout you?

Could you act that fast in an emergency? Or a perceived

There’s nothing special about me so I’m sure you could do it

The only difference between you and me might be consistency.

See, I am RELIGIOUS about my workouts – I ALWAYS train –
in the past through and around injuries – and now, regardless
of my circumstances.

If I’ve scheduled a time to work out, something gets done. It
may not be exactly what I have planned ahead of time, but at
least it’s something.

(This is the MAIN reason I felt like I moved so fast and didn’t
suffer any joint pain afterwards.)

How ’bout you?

If you’re struggling to get something in – don’t make yourself feel
bad by putting undue pressure on yourself – feeling like you’ve
gotta get long workouts in.

Just commit to something – 3 short workouts – like 20 minutes – a

That’s exactly what you’ll find inside “Kettlebell Express!”.


There are over 49 SHORT workouts that’ll fit into the busiest and
most chaotic of schedules to help you be consistent.

Remember, it’s consistency that brings results. Nothing else.

One day, that consistency may come in handy, whether you’re killing
cockroaches or facing something much more serious.

Talk soon.


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