Of Kettlebells & Sleepovers… (Kinda Weird, But With An Important Point)

Hey-Hey Happy Monday!

Yeah, I know, you may not be happy about the weekend being over. But, look at it this way –

There’s another one coming – and each day it gets one day closer, right?

Dat’s right!

Speaking of weekends, I hope yours was great.  Mine was – had a “sleepover” with my son.

He slept, and I kept rolling over… and over… and over…

Which reminds me about one of great things about KB training/workouts in general –

Just like the simple pleasure of spending time with your loved ones –

KB training, at its essence, is SIMPLE.

Or at least in my mind it’s supposed to be.

You grab your KB (or KBs), head out to the garage, down to the basement, or outside on your deck or patio (I prefer the deck myself), set your timer, crank your music, and bust out one, two, maybe even 3 different exercises, depending on your time and energy levels.

And when you’re done, you’re sweaty (most likely), your muscles feel worked, and you have a deep, deep sense of satisfaction, knowing that you’re one day closer to being the person you’re supposed to physically be.

I know this may sound like it’s criticism, but it’s not –

It’s just opining out loud –

I just don’t understand the workouts with the jumping around, slinging a KB the size of my mother’s purse, and the “WHOOP! WHOOP! OH YEAH!” that goes with it, like the promo video for some kettlebell workouts that I ran across the other day.

Why not just go out for a run – or sprint –

Or go to a dance class? Or use a medicine ball? Or…?

The list goes on and on.

If you like that sort of thing, by all means, knock yourself out. (Not literally I hope.)

These kinds of videos are what give kettlebells a bad name because they’re all based upon on the “aerobics” fad that’s been around since the 70s.

They miss the whole point of KB training.

The absolute beauty in my opinion, and the reason I started using KBs with my clients almost 14 years ago is that you get all the benefits of the Olympic lifts –

And more – like extreme conditioning, flexibility, and mobility, without the excessive coaching, expensive equipment, and 8’ x 8’ dedicated space on a flat, hard surface.

And that of course means you can do Cleans, Snatches, Push Presses, and Jerks for higher-than-normal reps.

(Of course there’s the Swing – but that’s not an Oly lift.)

And those higher-than-normal reps can pack the muscle on you, strip off the fat, boost your conditioning, and better your blood panels –

Fitness AND health all in one convenient, cannon-ball sized package.

There is a simple, and profound pleasure to be derived from doing multiple sets of Clean + Presses, or Snatches, or Clean + Jerks.

A real sense of accomplishment from hoisting relatively heavy iron up and down and up and down and up and down.

Sometimes, you can achieve an almost Zen-like state. Clean… Press… Clean… Press… Clean… Press.

“Funny” thing is, when your KBs are heavy enough, or the reps are high enough, you don’t need to do any jumping or twisting or shouting…

Because after all, the KB ballistics ARE jumps that don’t leave the ground and when you’re only using one bell, you’re forced to “not twist” – to counter the rotational forces the KB wants to exert upon you.

Both are workouts in and of themselves.

Both make you huff and puff without the high-rep histrionics.

I could go on and on here, but the point is this –

Let’s remember to keep our KB training simple.

Let’s remember to keep our focus.

Kettlebell training, when done correctly, should be –

And, I would argue – IS – one of the simple pleasures in life.

Like the sleepover with your son.

Just not as cuddly.

Keep it simple, my friend.

Talk soon.


P.S. Here’s a very simply, yet highly effective KB program for getting stronger, and as a by-product – leaner.

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