On The Fence? – 18 Hours Left

Hey – just an FYI –

If you’re still on the fence about getting laser-focused, sequentially
ordered kettlebell workout programs so you can make (and
measure) week-by-week, month-by-month progress instead
of hoping you’re doing the “right” program, and “wishing” you
were getting the results you imagine in your mind, but aren’t
seeing in the mirror –

Then you’ll want to sign up for Kettlebell 365 before midnight

Remember, you’ll get immediate access to Month 1: Reflexive
Stability Reload
- a Phase 1 program designed to help you
overcome one of the most common movement dysfunctions –

A loss of reflexive core stability –

Which is your body’s ability to stabilize your spine and
pelvis under load keeping you from injuring your lower back,
among other things…

… Kind of important when swinging ye olde kettlebells

Here’s what else:

A lot of times – not always – but a lot of times – regaining your
reflexive [core] stability the right way, starts to clear up a lot
of other issues you may be having –

Tight hips… Tight shoulders… Weak abs… etc…

You’ll notice a difference in how easily you move just after
a couple of days of Phase 1’s program.

That will set the foundation to help you get stronger, then to
lose more fat than you normally would, and then gain the muscle
you need to remain healthy and strong for years to come.

Each month of Kettlebell 365 is progressively planned so each
of the 4 Phases of Productive Programming –

Phase 1: Get Rid of Your Weaknesses
Phase 2: Get Stronger
Phase 3: Get Leaner
Phase 4: Get More Muscular

… All build off one another.

The result?

A lean, strong, healthy body – one you are proud of.

If that’s something you want – and no pressure – because some
people are perfectly satisfied with themselves and their current
state (and that’s totally cool) –

Then sign up for Kettlebell 365 now.

It’s closing down at Midnight tonight.

Hope to see you inside.


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