One Of My All-Time Favorite KB Workouts (Done In 15 Minutes)

One of my all-time favorite KB workouts (done in 15 minutes)

I’ve been looking at my schedule of late and am not happy
with how much time I’m spending training. I’m just not getting
enough work done and so something’s gotta give.

When I was younger, it was everything BUT my workouts.

They were the cornerstone of my very existence. But now,
now that I’m a responsible family man (hopefully) it’s the
workouts that gotta give.

It’s no secret I favor double KB exercises and workouts over
single KB ones.


You can just get more work done.

Think about it – you hold in your hand a 32kg bell. And you do
say, 100 Swings – 50L, 50R. That’s 3200kg moved.

On the other hand (or in both hands rather) you hold a pair of
24kg bells and you do 100 Swings. That’s 4800kg moved.

Now assume you do both in the same amount of time – a
conservative 15 minutes.

Which do you think will provide you with faster results and
therefore a bigger smile on your face?

You’d be correct if you said “Option B” – the pair of 24s.

Which is why I prefer to use double KBs most of the time –
in my mind they just give you faster results.

So here was my workout last Thursday and it was done
in 15 minutes – Wham! Bam!… You know the rest…

Double Clean + Press, 2x32kg

And it’s one of my all-time favorite exercises/workouts.


Because it uses a ton of muscles, energy, and it just makes
me feel strong all over (both while I’m doing it and the subsequent

The actual “programming” was simple:

Ladders: 2,3,5

As many ladders as comfortable in 15 minutes with room
to “add” in the coming weeks.

Got 3 ladders. 30 reps total. Not bad. Comfortable.

Now you may be asking, why “only” a pair of 32s? Cause I’ve
basically taken the last 2 years off from heavy overhead
pressing and I’m trying to build my volume and my base back
up for the bigger weights again.

(Hey, my “strength” took a backseat to my health for a while
there, so cut me a break.)

The cool thing was that I made every rep. It felt relatively easy.
My muscles felt worked. I was actually huffing a little bit.

But the key point here was, I didn’t destroy myself in the
process with a “Killer Workout”. Instead, I recovered quite
quickly and was able to continue on with my day, feeling good
about what I’d just accomplished knowing that there was more
left in the tank.

If you’re serious about –

1) getting results from your KB workouts and

2) strapped for time / stressed out about fitting in your


… you should SERIOUSLY consider using almost exclusively double
KBs for all your workouts.

And no, they don’t have to be matching pairs. You can mix-match
them and be fine (except for Push Presses and Jerks – those
area little unsafe with mixed-matched pairs…).

They don’t have to be “fancy” or “complex” to get the results you’re
looking for.

You can start just by using the template I used for my workout –

the double Clean + Press.

Stick with that for a couple of weeks, seeking to add one rung
of a ladder per workout and before you know it, you could add
50% to your workload almost effortlessly…

… and increase your strength, stamina, and maybe even pack on
a little bit of lean body mass without too much sweat or time on your

Sounds like a good deal to me…

Gotta run.


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