OOPS… Dumba$$ Alert!

Hey – my wife just clued me in on the tone of my
last email that went out today.

She said it sounded like I was saying the StrongFirst /
RKC principles don’t work and my email might be
construed as an attack on the system and/or my

I can assure you that’s NOT the case at all.

This was a case of being completely wiped out
from teaching all weekend (9 hours on Saturday
and 6.5 hours of video yesterday) and my brain
not working.

In my attempt to get my daily email out to you,
I looked like a dumba$$ / jacka$$ and may have
confused you.

I’m sorry.

So let me explain what I was railing on when I
referred to the “Party Line”:

About 7 years ago I got involved with a system
that helped me get out of pain.

It was cool at first.

And I became a very vocal and loud advocate.

So much so, that some of this stuff got absorbed
into the RKC, and for some, changed the way we
lifted. (For others, they really didn’t care and it made
no difference for them.)

Then, using these methods, I almost got really
injured again – and if it weren’t for the RKC and my
buddy Brett Jones, I’m sure I would have.

Then I realized how wrong I had been in not
only adopting this system and their way of thinking,
but how wrong I was in telling others about it
and introducing it into the RKC.

So now I see it as my personal mission to make
up for my previous mistake.

Here’s where it gets really interesting –

Over the last couple of years, a couple of the system’s
main tenets – especially in relationship to spine, neck,
and head position under load – have crept into
the mainstream.

It’s popping up everywhere – fitness mags, online
articles, and I’ve even seen some intermediate
Olympic lifters trying to adopt it.

The problem is, that is sounds really good in
theory – kinda like that whole “pull your belly button
to your spine” thing back in the late 90s early

BUT it fails in practice – ESPECIALLY under high
speeds, like Olympic lifts or KB ballistics.

And that’s what I was referring to as the “Party
Line” – the fact that these techniques are now

Hopefully that makes sense now.

And here’s why I’m so against this stuff – because
we’re talking about loading the spine – either with
heavy weights or with speed.

And unfortunately, these techniques which are being
promoted as “scientific fact” don’t work themselves
out in the real world of heavy weight lifting sports.

You just don’t see the strongest men/women in
the world using them –

In fact, more often than not you see quite the opposite.

Like Tony Robbins says, “Success leaves clues.”

And when I teach these opposite techniques in my
seminars, like I did this past weekend – the attendees
feel the difference –

They feel stronger, and more powerful, resulting in

So again, let me just say, I am PRO – RKC (using
Pavel’s techniques) and obviously PRO StrongFirst
just in case that last email cast any doubt.

That’s all for now.

Hope that clears up any confusion.


Talk soon.


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