“Opposite” Training For Faster Results? (Weird.)

I have a radical proposition:

What if you took your goal – the one you’ve been struggling
to attain for, well, for-freakin’-forever, and haven’t hit yet
and –

Wait for it…

Did EXACTLY the opposite?

For instance:

Seems like everyone and their brother is on or still
on a fat loss program – 6 weeks out from Memorial Day.

Not a problem unless you’ve been on a fat loss program
for the last 2 years. (You know who you are.)

Why don’t you go on a pure strength program instead
and quit worrying so much about intermittent fasting,
EPOC, and MCTs to “speed up your metabolism.”


Have I lost my mind?

Have I gone absolutely bonkers?

No, not in the slightest.

Look, if you’re overweight and haven’t reached your
goals yet, here’s a novel idea for you:

Get as strong as you freakin’ can.



Because you’ll most likely burn more calories accidentally
lifting heavy big a$$ weights than you ever will doing
yet another swing challenge.

(No offense to swing challengees.)

Don’t believe me?

Check this out:

When I was arguably at peak condition, I did a 5 rep max
with my squat and wore a heart rate monitor.

My heart rate went to 177 bpm and it was “only” 5 reps.

What do you think your heart rate would do if you did
that type of training?

It would work, HARD, that’s what it would do.

You would burn a ton of calories, probably grow some
muscle, and get stronger so you could do a lot more work
than you currently can.

More work = more calories burned = more fat peeled off
your body.

Use the “STRONG!” program inside “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

It’s designed to be used with the Clean and Press, but many
people are doing it with the Front Squat and seeing phenomenal
results in both strength and body composition changes –

From a strength program.

(And cut back on your dinners – cut them in half and see
what happens to your weight.)

What about my strength-seeking friends?

Well if your strength hasn’t gone up in awhile, or you keep
hitting the same plateau, how about this –

Back of the absolute strength work for awhile – 6 to 12
weeks – maybe more – and build your base.

Work on building your work capacity instead.

Remember, the broader the base, the higher the peak.

Just do Double Swings.

Use the first half of the “One” program.

Start with a pair of 24s. Then move to 32s. Then 40s.

Then come back to the 24s and do the second half of the
“One” program.

You’ll be shocked at how much better your conditioning
will be.

And, you’ll be shocked at how much stronger your grip,
abs, hips, and lower back will be.

And guess which areas have the highest payoff for increasing
strength gains?

You’d be correct if you said, “grip, abs, hips, and lower

You’ll also be shocked at how much better your recovery

How much better your health is – especially your insulin
sensitivity – and therefore your ability to eat more carbs –

Which in turn will help you get stronger and build more
muscle when you go back to your strength program.

The Bottom Line:

If you really want to see change – spend some time doing
the OPPOSITE of what you’re doing now.

Stick with it for 12 weeks and then go back to your main

Talk soon.


P.S. Forgot – if your main goal is fat loss and you’re switching
to strength, make sure you lift using around a 5 rep max.

Use the “STRONG!” program – it starts at your 5 rep max
and you end up lifting it for 60 reps.

That’s a lot of work… and a lot of calories burned.

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