Original Strength FAQs

Quick email this morning before I’m off for today’s festivities
at Day 2 of the Boston SFG.

I hope you had the chance to pick up your copy of Original
Strength. It’s a quick and motivating read that’ll really put
into perspective why you haven’t been able to get rid of
your aches and pains and stuff.

If you haven’t, it’s either cause you’re fine with your aches
and pains and have fully embraced your movement
dysfunctions ;-)

Or you have some questions.

Here’s some answers to questions you may have:

Q: How is Original Strength different from Becoming Bulletproof
and Pressing Rest?

A: Here’s what Tim said:

Original Strength is the cummulation of the ideas and concepts
presented in Becoming Bulletproof and Pressing Reset as well
as some of the ideas we present in our workshops. There’s also
a new reset in OS that is not included in BB or PR. Many of the
ideas and resets have been expanded as a result of what we have
learned from the last 2 years of putting this all in practice. We
are also introducing new ideas and information that we have
found to be true. The heart of Original Strength is still the same:
you were not made to be broken. You were made to move well
and you were made to be able to enjoy your life. Original Strength
simply seeks to reveal how simple and easy it can be to regain,
restore and reclaim your body

Q: I don’t have a Kindle. Are you going to be putting it out
in paperback?

A: No kindle? No problem. Download a Kindle reader to
your technological device of choice – iPad, iPhone, Mac,
PC, whatever – here

Paperback? We’re in the process – but we’re at least 30
days out. We’ll let you know.

Q: “I use X system. How will Original Strength fit with it?”

A: It doesn’t matter what system you use or like to use, we’re
cool with that. OS supports all other systems because it
addresses your body on a reflexive level – so it makes
everything you do better

Q: If the information is so good, why are you selling it for
dirt cheap – only $9.99?

A: Because we understand that these are trying times for
some people and we are trying to get this information in as
many hands as possible with as little “skin in the game” as
possible. It’s truly life-transforming info and we want to give
people the opportunity to reclaim the way they were made
to move.

That’s pretty much it – gotta run – teaching the Get Up in a
couple of hours.

Get your copy of Original Strength here.

It makes the Get Up and everything else better.

Talk soon.


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